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Video recordings provide pre-service teachers with the chance of evaluating themselves by engaging them in more experiences and configurations (Jensen et al., 1994). I hope that helps, and thanks for the important question! Since its inception in 1963, micro-teaching has become an established teacher-training procedure in many universities and school districts. An African-American student, for example, might interpret a White teacher’s written feedback on how to improve her research-paper draft as picky, unfair, and driven by racial bias rather than as representing a genuine desire to help the learner advance her writing skills. Au et al., 2008: Teaching about the biological theory of germs increased hand washing among 4th-grade children, Destin & Oyserman, 2009: Representing college as accessible increased homework planning among low-income 7th-grade students over the night, Destin, 2016: Representing college as accessible increased homework planning for that night among 7th-grade students from low-asset households, Okonofua et al., 2016: Having middle-school teachers take an empathic mindset towards student misbehavior reduced suspension rates over the school year, Goldenberg et al., 2018: Reflection on how groups can change or taking opposing perspectives in challenging situations improved attitudes towards Palestinians among Israeli Jews over six months, Hudley & Graham, 1993: Learning to understand ambiguous social interactions as not hostile reduced hostility and aggression among African American elementary students over two weeks, Finkel et al., 2013: Taking a third party perspective when dealing with marital conflicts improved marital satisfaction among couples over a year, LaBrie et al., 2016: Informing parents about drinking behavior and strategies to talk with their child reduced alcohol consumption among students in first month of college. This passion makes Stanford an intensely creative, rewarding, and challenging place to work. Farris (1991) states that this method increases the confidence and raises the awareness of personal skills. Thomaes et al., 2012: Affirming values increased prosocial feelings and behavior among antisocial adolescents over three months, Stinson et al., 2011: Affirming values increased security and confidence in personal relationships among insecure college students over two months, Layous et al., 2016: Affirming values before completing a challenging math exam improved academic performance among students who felt they did not belong at college over one semester, Jessop et al., 2014, Study 2: Affirming values and implementing if-then strategies decreased exercise among sedentary adults. Review the attached rubric and my notes evaluating your recent science PowerPoint presentation. I know from examples in your work portfolio and contributions to class discussion that you will be able to implement my suggestions and increase the quality and persuasiveness of your PowerPoint. Am I connected with important people in school or work settings? Like all teacher communication tools, wise feedback has constraints attached to its use: Cohen, G. L., Steele, C. M., and Ross, L. D. (1999). Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more. I might even leave a note on the paper telling the student as much. Wise feedback increased students’ likelihood of submit- ting a revision of an essay (Study 1) and improved the quality of their final drafts (Study 2). My answer now is two-fold (and a little long, sorry! I really appreciate it! African-American students tend to receive lower grades, partly because they distrust school and their teachers. I call these practices Flash Feedback, and while they come in small packages, they can pack a serious educational punch. The Wise-Anderson Protocol was developed mainly by Dr David Wise, who cured himself after 22 years of CP/CPPS using his relaxation and physical therapy technique. Your past assignments have shown me that you have the skills and motivation to use my feedback to revise and improve your paper. Wise feedback increased students' likelihood of submitting a revision of an essay (Study 1) and improved the quality of their final drafts (Study 2). Can't find what you are looking for? Lifeline of the Confederacy : blockade running … Will this behavior help me connect with other people? Walton & Cohen, 2011: Reflecting on stories about common challenges to belonging in the transition to college increased GPA, happiness, and health among African American college students over three years. 2016, Experiment 3-Cultural Fit: Reflecting on stories about cultural fit in college in an online, prematriculation exercise improved GPA and promoted social and academic integration among minority and first-generation college students over the first year of college. It is the information that a student receives concerning their attempts to imitate certain patterns of teaching. These questions are nested within the three families of psychological processes. Vansteenkiste, Simons, Lens, Sheldon, et al., 2004, Experiment 3: Teaching Tai-bo in an intrinsically or autonomous way increased learning and performance among Belgian high schoolers, Vansteenkiste, Simons, Lens, Sheldon, et al., 2004, Experiment 2: Teaching marketing in an intrinsically or autonomous way increased interest, learning, and test performance among Belgian marketing students, Vansteenkiste, Simons, Lens, Sheldon, et al., 2004, Experiment 1: Teaching recycling in an intrinsically or autonomous way increased interest, learning, and test performance about recycling among Belgian college students, Jang, 2008: Teaching statistics as relevant to their identities increased engagement on course material among students, Hulleman et al., 2017, Experiment 2: Asking why psychology is useful in their lives increased interest and final exam scores among poor-performing undergraduate psychology students, especially men, Hulleman & Harackiewcz, 2009: Asking why science is useful in their or others lives increased interest and grades among 9th grade science students, Harackiewicz et al., 2016: Asking why biology is useful in their lives raised grades among first-generation, ethnic-minority, biology students, Harackiewicz et al., 2012: Explaining why math and science are useful to parents increased enrollment in those courses and scores in an standardized test among high schoolers, Canning et al., 2017: Explaining why course content is relevant to their or others' lives improved course grades, more likely to enroll to next biology course and to continue their STEM major among biology students, Smeding et al., 2013: Representing statistics exam as a learning tool eliminated a large social-class performance gap among French undergraduates.

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