what not to wear in italy

The Most Important Tip About What to Wear in Rome, What to Wear in Rome During Spring: March, April, May, What to Wear in Rome During Summer: June, July, August, What to Wear in Rome During Fall: September, October, November, What to Wear in Rome During Winter: December, January, February, Accessories Everyone Should Pack for Rome Year-Round. I love this pair and happily pack them for Rome. It’s such an incredible place. Bring a beach bag to put all your items in, or if you prefer just use your backpack. For spring and summer, aim for something light and bright, and in winter, go for cozier options–I’m consistently amazed at how a warm scarf in winter can immediately make life so much more comfortable. Generally speaking, Italian style is more dressy than American style, but this DOES NOT mean business attire. A pair of trousers for colder nights. In Italy, there are many places that still do not take credit cards and if you're traveling with an American Express card you'll find even fewer places to use it. Consider packing something like this. You'd never guess, for example, that behind the stately-yet-subtle facade of the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj sits this gorgeous (and practically empty) art gallery . A fan of skirts? Be sure to bring at least one church-appropriate outfit with you, and if you think you’ll be visiting churches and catacombs on more than one day, consider throwing a scarf or cardigan in your day bag so that you’re able to transform into a church-ready outfit in an instant. If you only plan to wear shorts during your trip use a pareo and wear it as a wrap skirt to cover up upon entering churches; Men should expect to wear pants to enter most major churches. For example, by early November in Rome, you’ll see trench coats start to show up on the locals–even if the temperature still only calls for a light jacket. Sun protection of course! I like ones like this so as they are noise cancelling ones. It's honestly surprisingly easy to escape the crowds in Rome--you just have to know where to look . For clothes to wear in Italy, I recommend you bring the following: Bring 2-3 comfortable pairs of shorts for a day of sightseeing around the cities as well as for the beach. A pair of flip-flops if you’re visiting the beach. If you’re looking for a mobile hotspot to use while travelling in the EU, look no further than Rent n Connect. Perfectly fine in Rome. Don’t forget all the various chargers you need to keep your tech gear charged. If you opt for sandals, go with something a bit more support, Consider packing a light jacket–I usually bring. Something, Roman men love their scarves, so feel free to bring one at any time of year–but if you’re traveling in the colder months, you’ll absolutely, For spring and summer, aim for something light and bright, and in winter, go for, Want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about all the items you carefully picked out when deciding what to wear in Rome don’t get soaked in a sudden rainstorm? Okay, this isn’t exactly something to wear in Rome, but since it pertains directly to appearance, it’s worth mentioning: if you’re coming from outside of Europe, these items won’t work in Italy, even with an adaptor! When you feel good you look good and confidence is the most important thing you can pack. Click here for more tips on what to pack for a beach holiday. While you’ll still want some detailing to your tops during summer in Rome, you’ll also want to focus on staying cool: light fabrics are key! Consider packing a light jacket–I usually bring something like this–in the summer to throw in your bag and use in cold museums and trains. Skirts, Cute, strappy sandals look wonderful in Rome, but unfortunately, many pairs don’t offer a lot of support to your feet, which you absolutely need! Choose one that’s at least SPF 30 – like the one pictured here. In general, Italian men favor fabrics like cotton and linen when it comes to shirts.Fitted is always best; shirts should be close to the body but not too tight. Books make great company for the time you will spend on the ship, at the airport and on the beach. Personally, I very rarely, if ever, wear shorts in Rome. As mentioned above, this is especially true if you’re wondering what to wear in Italy in September, as the weather is starting to get a bit cooler. Cute, strappy sandals look wonderful in Rome, but unfortunately, many pairs don’t offer a lot of support to your feet, which you absolutely need! Cozy pea coats are the way to go when you’re deciding what jacket to wear in Rome during winter–think warm but not overly heavy, in a neutral color (black is by far the most popular color for coats in Rome). If they’re your style, spring is a great time to break out pretty skirts like this in Rome–remember to pack tights as I mentioned above! Sadly we only have a few days in Rome on this trip--but we're making the most of them by checking out new-to-us neighborhoods, museums, and historical highlights... and also by taking a food tour through Trastevere, because why not? Click here to check out the Campark Action Camera. I recommend 2 bras and a pair of knickers for each day. Dressing appropriately is required to enter some churches in Italy. Also drink a lot of water. Black is also extremely popular of course, and you can’t go wrong with a look like this. Much like spring and fall, a skirt with a layer underneath (in the winter, I’d recommend, All the boots! One of my favorite things about traveling in Rome is its layers. Your email address will not be published. I would choose a similar to this one. Super helpful!Thank you so much for putting these together. There's no shortage of stunning corners and half-hidden staircases in Rome. Here you will find destination guides and travel advice to make your next trip unforgettable. Some people like to bring their laptop or tablet it’s up to you. Leave the heels at home, and resist the temptation to break in new, beautiful Italian shoes during your trip to Rome if you can. Ultimately, whether a random Italian you’ll never see again thinks you dress a bit strange (trust me, it’s not the weirdest getup they’ve seen on a tourist) doesn’t matter a single bit in the grand scheme of your trip, so don’t overthink it! Look for something like this, for example. Take two memory cards– one for the camera and one for as a backup! Rome is one of the places I think everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. I definitely made a few fashion mistakes during my visit, but I had so much fun doing so. I’ve got a separate post on luggage I recommend. Check out this one from Amazon here. Jeremy brings, During winter, look for a warm, fashionable coat that you’re happy to have in all your photos (because you’ll likely be wearing it every day!). If you’re most comfortable in pants, opt for lighter fabrics. Required fields are marked *. Two weeks in Italy an itinerary that includes the Amalfi, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. When deciding what to wear on your feet in Rome, think comfort: you’ll be walking a ton, so make sure any shoes you bring are well broken in! We are beyond thrilled to be back in one of our favorite cities in the world, and with the help of our good friend Mr. Jetlag, we even made it out of the hotel before dawn to see the city wake up for the first time . Click here to buy these ones from Amazon. If there’s one word to keep in mind when deciding what to wear in Rome during spring, it’s layers: you’ll likely experience some warm days during your trip to Rome, but especially early in spring, cool nights are still common. These affiliate ads allow me to earn a small commission on any bookings you may make but they do not incur any extra cost to you. One with a big brim all the way around like the one pictured here is ideal – click here for information about this particular sun hat. Still true. . If you opt for sandals, go with something a bit more support, like these. If you’re headed overseas, don’t forget to bring with you your passport and check if you require a visa. Always pack a shawl or cardigan in case you need to conform to dress requirements. 2 Days in Rome: An Epic + Easy Rome Itinerary, Rome Off the Beaten Path: 30 Epic Hidden Gems in Rome, 19 Best Day Trips from Rome, Italy (+ How to Get There! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. All the boots! You don’t want to ruin your holidays. Winter in Rome is a great time to wear beautiful boots with all your outfits. Skirts like this and this are fashionable and easy to wear in the city. Ensure you also bring an appropriate dress (something like the one on the right) if you intend to visit some churches as uncovered shoulders, shorts and mini dresses are not allowed in most churches. You’ll definitely want to wear a hat in Rome during the summer! Click here for more information about this Travelon shoulder bag. Definitely pack a bright scarf for a pop of color when choosing what to wear in Rome in spring! I actually do wear my baseball cap occasionally in Italy (mostly hiking and at the beach) because again, comfort above all else, but never in Rome. ), Rome in Winter: 21 Reasons to Visit + Tips, What to Do in Rome at Night: 14 Exciting Ideas, Our Tasty Trastevere Food Tour + Why to Take One. If you’re heading to Italy during the warmer months, you’re going to love this guide on what to wear in Italy in May through to October. Jeremy brings this jacket just about everywhere and loves it. In summer you may want to pack one as well–museums and trains can be extremely cold when the air conditioning gets cranked up. . Since men’s clothing tends to be much simpler and includes less variation than women’s clothing, I’m going to roll all seasons together here–if you’re a man packing for Rome, this is what to wear! Do you want to get some awesome Instagram shots? If don’t want to bring an underwater camera, turn your mobile phone into one with a waterproof phone pouch. 3 in 1 jackets are perfect as they keep you warm and protect you from the rain too – click here to find out more about the jacket pictured here. I’d recommend bringing at least one dress that hits below the knee so you can visit the Vatican and other churches around Rome without worrying about the dress code–plus maxi dresses are so photogenic anyway, and a great way to feel dressed up in Rome with minimal effort! This Italy packing list is just what you need to guide you through not only what to pack for Italy in May through to October but also give you some tips on how to dress in Italy, so you totally look the part! Visiting Rome requires a lot of walking, and a surprising amount of that walking is done on non-smooth surfaces–think of exploring the winding cobblestone streets of Trastevere or climbing Palatine Hill, for example. You’ll stick out as a tourist for sure. 20 Northern Italy cities you should visit. Check out these best seller snorkel set from Amazon here.

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