uruguay residency requirements 2019

Best wishes, This was very enlightening. . During the processing time, it is recommended to spend at least six months within the country. • a birth certificate. Do you know how long an apostille is valid for marriage and birth certificates and police reports? We, were hoping to attain dual citizenship and another passport outside of the US. If I had known what I know now I would definitely have used a professional and saved myself a lot of time and frustration.]. The next step is to get a Uruguayan photo ID card called a cédula. Share this post with a friend or colleague! We are both lawyers, and obviously cannot practice law in Uruguay. Single people can apply for citizenship after five years. I have filed for Permanent Residence in July or August and have submitted Proof of income by supplying a BPS Printout as requested By the immigration office in Montevideo. You then are eligible for public health insurance. Then it must be presented at the National Immigration Office on the day and time scheduled at the beginning of the application. If you are not fluent in Spanish, you may want an immigration/relocation expert to work with. Please consult with a lawyer as to your particular circumstances. As I speak Spanish it didn’t actually occur to me to hire someone! On the good side once residence is granted there is no on-going residence requirement so you only have to come back then once every 3 years to renew your Uruguyaan ID (Cedula). I wanna to move Uruguay with my family. Arguably the principal claimant to the “Switzerland of the Americas” Crown, just pipping Costa Rica to the post, Uruguay is a small, understated nation at first glance. d) Residence for retired foreigner or pensioner. Sonja, It is not a case of having money for xx number of months and bringing that amount with you. The general requirements for either type of application are as follows: All foreign documents must be apostilled and translated into Spanish (Uruguay’s national language). You may find yourself better served to purchased new items in How you can help me? The necessary documentation includes the following: All documents must be apostilled or legalized by the corresponding Uruguayan Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uruguay (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores en Uruguay). Good day. Best, Karen, The one thing no-one will tell you on here that it is more or less impossible to get residency if you come from Pakistan, India or anywhere in the Middle East. With great inspection, what you will see is a success story of socioeconomic policy over a timescale of just over a century which has made the most of the country’s manageable borders and population in order to roll out some of the most consistently liberal and inclusive policies in the whole region. I will back to my county up to retired by next 5 years They want to see an income. Karen will be delighted to help you out. I haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere and when I asked the Uruguay Embassy in my country. Uruguay has drawn a steady stream of expats for a long time. Karen, Casper, as per karen’s comment you can book an appointment at the Immigration Office to check on status, but in general terms it is still early days. While it’s possible to go through the residency process and open a bank account yourself, hiring a residency professional can provide peace of mind, especially if you don’t speak much Spanish. In any event you do not have to have permanent resident status in order to buy property here and as US citizens you do not need a visa to get into the country. I am thinking of relocating to Uruguay, but it looks like the minimum wage there is about 350 USD per month. The country is much more expensive than our home country, and I don’t think they even have a lot of jobs that pay as much as they are asking for the month. He can help you with your residency applications, setting up a registered company and other legal matters. The country boasts comprehensive healthcare, fantastic infrastructure and competitive salaries to boot. With that said, bank requirements often include: This article is for information purposes only. A sponsor, if required, needs to be a Uruguayan national who is prepared to go the immigration office and sign a sworn declaration that they will be responsible for the person whilst they are in the country and will ensure they leave. Permanent residency can only be granted in Uruguay to those who live in the country and can show that they have spent time in the country (exceeding 2 years) This is known as ‘intent to reside’. Livelihoods (Temporary Mercosur Residence is excepted). The process is different – it is more agile- especially if you’re a  member of Mercosur. Comment: Unless you have a home with thousands of dollars of antiques that you want to relocate, the cost of shipping Stella Lorenzo – recommended architect in Uruguay, one hour consultation to discuss if indeed Uruguay is a good fit for your family, Mobility LC, relocation specialists in Uruguay. schema at the British or Italian hospital. . I just moved to Uruguay couple of months ago and mi empresa opened a temporary residency file for me with DNdM. Our talented legal and accounting team will be able to answer any questions you send their way viaquí. Best of luck! Any source of income from abroad is acceptable, such as a pension, social security, lease income, or business income. Nicky, • Your passport, and the passport of your spouse if you’re married. You can’t get the criminal record report back. Thanks, Hi Bert, you’d need to consult with an expert. The residence permit will allow you to legally work in Uruguay. Hi Jonas, All the best, Karen, Hi Isaac, The U$S1500 figure is not set in stone and is more applicable to people who have a source of income from abroad. And for a small fee, a tourist visa can often be renewed, for stays of 180 days at a time. Uruguayans tend to have unlimited patience, they’re non-confrontational, non-violent, good-natured, and friendly. During the processing time, it is recommended to spend at least six months within the country. Are you trying to travel to Uruguay right now? Getting permanent residence status in Uruguay is not hard in terms of the general requirements, especially when compared to other countries. I entered Uruguay on January 2, 2019. Some opt for the coast of Rocha, a mostly rural area with rustic beach towns, pristine Atlantic beaches, and the best surfing waves in the country. Married couples and families can apply for citizenship three years after first applying for residency. Is it possible to convert my Residente Legal Temporario to Residente Legal Permanente. Education is taken very seriously – Uruguay was the first country to provide every student with a free laptop. How can I find out how far the Process is? Am I understanding this correctly that if I bring my criminal record and birth certificate (with apostille) with me as a tourist, I can submit a letter once I’m there and apply for residency within the country? Uruguay has also emerged as a leader in service-based sectors, redefining boundaries along the way on what innovation and sustainability can achieve. Or is the marriage certificate enough to be able to stay in Uruguay? Chantel, please see my previous answer about income requirement. For a private individual who may live a long way away from the immigration office that can be a real waste of time and money. I’m asking cause I need to know how much money I will need to bring with me or have available to me. You get this in Uruguay. Family consists of 7 people, if that helps to establish a reasonable deposit sum. I have construction and Trading company in my country , I am looking to move start my business at Uruguay. Further to this, you must spend at least six months out of each of those 3 or 5 years in Uruguay to be eligible for citizenship. Your email address will not be published. household goods duty free during the residency approval process. I am planning on moving to Uruguay in January with my family. We value and respect your personal data and will do the utmost to protect it. This does not take into account any changes which may arise out of the current emergency. Besides these documents, you’ll need a carné de salud (Uruguay health card) and a medios de vida (an income certificate). It would be best to wait for your temporary residence to be granted before changing category. Birth certificate and/or marriage (Temporary Mercosur Residences and in the case of underage). They will also schedule and accompany you to all your appointments. Comment: You can fly to B.A., or drive to Salto, Rivera or Chuy every 100 days or so and easily fulfill this requirement. Renovations and property appraisal are Uruguay architect, Stella Lorenzo’s forte. For more information on doing business Latin America, check out the video below: Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest business news and advice about entity formation, legal entity compliance, accounting, back office and fiscal requirements. Document with which you entered the country (normally your passport. Experience is important. You may need to set up transfers to a Uruguayan bank to help prove your income. One of the benefits of Uruguay residency is the ability to import your home furnishings and. As long as the applicant meets some simple requirements permanent legal resident status is always granted.

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