trey rock dog

At this moment of despair, he hears Bodi playing outside the gates a song he finds rather catchy, and decides to trick him into believing he'll teach him music lessons in order to steal his song. However, there are times he does take it as a living partner. At some point, he met Darma and Trey, decided to form a band, and perform at the park, however, this proved fruitless as Darma states that they've been there for years and nothing has happened. Desperate, Angus tries to fit onto his Rock Legend persona and perform a new song, which doesn't sound good to him nor Ozzie. Little is known about Germur prior to the events of the movie. Not letting Ian finish, Angus decides to do the right thing and takes matters into his hands to save Bodi with the help of Darma and Germur. Angus is known for his short temper and be prone to fooling and lying. After they find Bodi, he quickly hugs him along with Darma and travels with him to Snow Mountain to save the village from the wolves. He's more kind to Ozzie, but still acts aggressively towards it. Agh, will you quit making lame excuses and just get the song to us?! Trey isn't part of Bodi's band, knowing Bodi, he'd have forgave him but it may be that Germur and Darma were against the idea. Trey, we have learned was hit so hard by a bat or some other blunt force to his 2 front legs , that he has sustained severe orthopedic injuries . Seen in the concept art, and throughout the movie, his eyes are only seen once. It is unknown what was the previous reason for his sadness. Does it starts with an A... And ends with a Good?! At Snow Mountain, he tries to help Bodi but Germur takes the wheel and leaves the bus unable to run. He is one of the musicians that Bodi finds interest in at Rock'n' Roll Park during his visit to the City. According to the art director, Angus was difficult to animate due to the sunglasses and being unable to tell the way he's staring at, so his emotions are vastly more expressed through his eyebrows and mouth. Angus eventually finds inspiration in the Tibetan dog. Trey voiced by Matt Dillon . Unfortunately, the wolf party that is trying to kidnap Bodi, unknowingly kidnaps him instead and he's taken to the Fight Palace where Linnux is eager to encounter Bodi. Angry for this rude treatment, Angus confronts Linnux until he's knocked out by a light baseball bat hit. Different from Darma, Germur is quick to support Bodi's antics and doesn't seem to judge what he is up to, and despite knowing him for a really short time, he is quick to lift his spirits up when he seems upset and hug him in relief when he was kidnapped. They later find Bodi running away from the Fight Palace and heading to Snow Mountain, but Angus decides to take him there, and he gives the guitar to Bodi in order to mend ways. He is Bodi's idol and role model to-be, but appears first as a luxurious celebrity who doesn't like dealing with fans and starting musicians. Linnux voiced by Lewis Black . The Parody Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. My brother. While Bodi treats Ozzie as something alive, Angus sees it more like a mindless butler. Fleetwood Yak voiced by Sam Elliott . The film's release dates in China and the United States were respectively July 8, 2016, and February 24, 2017, both Fridays. He is the biggest name in the rock music genre around the world. He goes to Rock 'n' Roll Park and meets Darma and Germur, friends of Bodi, who are starstruck. Connor Kent/Superboy (Young Justice) Jayden Shiba (Power Rangers Samurai/Power Rangers Super Samurai) Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat) Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) Peter Parker/Spider-Man ; Sean Baker/Guyver (The Guyver) Vert Wheeler (Hot Wheels Battle Force 5) … Riff voiced by Kenan Thompson . Originally, Angus was going to be far more emphatic, and Bodi would've been the stubborn one. It is unknown how their relationship is. Darma voiced by Mae Whitman . He eventually finds inspiration in the Tibetan dog. He is quite friendly with strangers and does not judge people's actions, rather, he is quite supportive of people's whereabouts, specially Bodi's, even if he is not completely sure what he is supporting. At the moment that Bodi appears in his life, he's suffering from writer's block and can't come up with a new song for the single that has already been promised to be released on Friday, which hasn't been developed. Angus Scattergood is the deuteragonist of the film Rock Dog. He opens them fully when he is caught off-guard or is worried. While Darma claims that Bodi is trying to impress them, Germur is quick to believe him, however, he does not know what he is agreeing to. Carl voiced by Will Finn . On scratched storyboards, it seems that he and Bodi had a much larger story arc originally. Bodi begins ringing the doorbell, and since Angus is used to deal with tricky fans who manage to cross the electrified fence and the grass labyrinth, he decides to fool him into stepping onto the welcome mat and launch him onto the streets. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He's always depicted with a Union Jack guitar on promotional art, despite being the Scattercaster his actual guitar up until the end of the movie. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events This event shocks him as he doesn't want to return into a dumpster. He goes to eat noodles with Darma afterwards, but attempts to cheer Bodi up by telling him that he believes him, despite what everyone else says.

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