the importance of making good decisions

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Each time one practitioner hears another state the Situation or the Background or other, he learns and improves his own ability to formulate relevant information. Finally, consider that many decisions provide no obvious winning alternative. You would never build a boat that way. And they wonder why they keep going in circles. If you step logically through a proven process, you will waste less time and make use of the right resources at the right time. Whether I like it or not, what I decide to do will impact the lives of others. Employee satisfaction and engagement will improve. Choosing not to learn from poor decisions can result in a life full of regrets. 8. The O in SOAR stands for Objectives. That’s fine; we all make mistakes (even I). As the oldest, my life is an example to my siblings on how to handle a variety of situations. Employees are most committed when they believe decisions are made using a logical, informed, and fair process with their interests represented. And if their purpose doesn't match the conversation, they don't talk. Because it is widely known and understood, it creates what I call shared process clarity and gets everyone on the same page quickly, knowing what to expect and how to contribute. Just think about the developmental value of employees gaining a clear understanding of the criteria guiding decisions that affect them. Since how you make decisions directly affects both of those, it will also affect employee satisfaction and engagement. Begin to ask yourself, “Will my decisions have a positive or negative effect on those around me? An elder sibling can guide the younger one in making good decisions. Someone is watching you, mimicking you and observing your every move. Clarity of purpose, process, and roles are essential to unleashing ownership. I believe the first step to making good decisions is realizing it’s not all about you. I am also the founder and. All rights reserved. If your decisions actually follow the four distinct steps of SOAR  and involve the right people at each of those steps, with transparency, the benefits are numerous and dramatic: When you conflate the four steps of decision-making into one muddled discussion, it stands to reason that you won't make the best decision. I write about strategic clarity and its power to transform results. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Give me another week and I'll have them straightened out. So why do you make decisions by hauling all the experts into a room at one time and trying to tackle all the steps simultaneously? Meanwhile, this global monster I mentioned has several employees doing their best to collect information and make suggestions and generally drive an agenda without knowing what that agenda is. It’s important to understand the importance of making good decisions. Messy decision processes rarely have crystal clear endings, especially because messy processes often lead to re-decision the next day. You would learn the process, follow it in sequence, and call on the help you needed at each step. However,  I think it’s important to learn from the decisions we make. In the meantime, the executive in this case is probably wondering why these employees haven't taken ownership and made things happen. I already mentioned better decisions, so let's talk about misunderstandings and the many mistakes the originate in misunderstandings. Think about it; your decisions affect another person’s actions, behaviors and opinions. This is why decision-making is a top priority when I work with clients to create a culture of clarity. Because there are so many decisions and because they are literal forks in the road with dramatic impact on results, costs, time, feelings, and relationships, how you make decisions is extremely important. By creating clarity of purpose, process, and roles, people learn to trust the system and let go. To make good decisions we must first understand that our decisions affect more than just ourselves, it affects the people around us. Decisions made with clarity produce the best results across the board. Think about it, everything you do now, every solitary decision you make affects you in the long run one way or another. In many cases, some alternatives are so similar or surrounded by so many unknowns that logic will not provide a definitive choice. The three most important criteria for good decision making are values, experience and common sense: Values-What your students value determines their behavior. They are evaluating the decisions you make, the outcome of your decisions and how you handle different situations. Every employee can contribute more effectively when operating in an environment with this kind of clarity. Am I setting a good example for those who look up to me?” This should bring awareness as to the decisions you make and the people who are affected by it. Here are 4 reasons why you should make good decisions starting now. 12. Subscribe to receive FREE inspirational Messages via email. When you make a decision ask yourself, “what are the long term affects; is this a good or bad decision I’m making?”. Here are 4 reasons why you should make good decisions starting now. 10. Instead, your decisions are more likely to be governed by one of three forces: These forces do not produce sound decisions. Once that happens, they can get back to their top priorities and amp up their ability to focus. Don’t wait 10 years later or until it’s too late to decide to do so.

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