possessive names ending in s

Enter the email you used in your Ragan store purchase. The possessive of a plural name takes an apostrophe after the final “s… Note the following: Usually, we add an apostrophe and s to a word. many people do add an additional s sound to form possessives of names like Harris and Dennis. Some editors and writers add another s after the apostrophe only if the additional letter would actually be pronounced while speaking. Some add just an apostrophe (Les Années Magnifiques’ release date), while others add the (Les Années Magnifiques’ release date). Use the link icon beside the section heading to copy a section link. Names ending with s. For possessive, CMS adds ’s but AP adds just ’ For plural add es, for possessive plural add es’ Ann Stevens’s house (CMS) Ann Stevens’ house (AP)* I know the Stevenses, the Stevenses’ house *AP uses s’ for possessive proper names ending in s. However, their rule for possessive common nouns ending in s is different. I was utterly convinced that anytime a word ends in “s”, the possessive should have an apostrophe, sans the extra “-s”. Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them by clicking “Cookie settings.” If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Copyright 2020 Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc. This post is about how to form the possessive of a proper name that ends in -s. Most stylebooks agree that the rule for forming the possessive of a singular noun ending in -s is formed by adding ‘s: the boss’s birthday the bus’s wheels the witness’s testimony. Then, to form the possessive of this plural, simply add an apostrophe after the s, as you would for any other plural word. Style guides vary on adding an extra ‘s’ after the apostrophe, but all have a common aim: to make the message clear for the reader. Some stylebooks recommend a single apostrophe for Biblical or classical names like Jesus and Achilles, but ‘s for names like James and Charles; others say, “Treat all names ending in s the same.”. Another accepted style for forming the possessive of a name ending in s is to treat it like any other name— ( Extra: How to use an em dash to set off a statement )add an apostrophe as well as an additional s. The Chicago Manual of Style and APA Publication Manual recommend this style, consistent with how possessives in general are formed. Hi, my name is Esther and I have a friend who told me that to show the singulart possessive form of a noun having one syllable ending in an -s or -z sound, place the apostrophe after the last letter and add -s. To show a singular form of a noun of more than one syllable ending in a s or z sound, add only the apostrophe. Form the possessive of a name ending in “s” by adding an apostrophe and another “s” or by simply adding an apostrophe. For example, the plural of whisker is whiskers, not whisker’s. This kind of usage is quite common. When it comes to possessives, last names are, again, like other nouns. We make names that don’t end in s possessive by adding ‘s—for example, Mr. Johnson’s hat, Ms. Smith’s umbrella.

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