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Białowieża National Park, Parkowa, Białowieża, Poland, +48 85 681 23 06, Bison roaming at Białowieża National Park | © Francesco Carrani / Flickr. The Bory Tucholskie National Park in northern Poland covers an area of over 45 sq km characterised by peatlands, pine forests, lush green meadows and long and narrow post-glacial lakes. By 1490, Poland’s population had jumped up to about 8 million inhabitants. From steep sandy sea cliffs in the north to snow-capped mountain peaks in the south, Poland’s national parks are a hidden treasure for nature enthusiasts. Following World War I, the new Second Polish Republic shared a border with the Soviet Union (USSR), shaped during the Polish-Soviet War, and confirmed at the Treaty of Riga at the line Dzisna-Dokshytsy-Słucz-Korets-Ostroh-Zbrucz. [6] It is one of the five borders that Russia shares with the EU (see Border of the European Union). [4] That border was 1,407 kilometres (874 mi) long. An easy 30 minutes’ drive from Warsaw city centre, Kampinos (also referred to as Puszcza Kampinoska) is the capital’s main weekend getaway, where you’re likely to see many cyclists and casual strollers, especially on a sunny day. The official demarcation of the boundary was finalized March 5, 1957, in the following terms: The Contracting Parties confirm that the existing State frontier between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Polish People's Republic in the sector adjoining the Baltic Sea, as established by the Berlin Conference in 1945, runs from frontier mark No. With its 38,346,279 people, Poland is the 34th largest country in the world by population. Its current location and size were decided as part of the aftermath of World War II. This list sorted by length of the main span. ... 1.299 times. The border is 232 km long. [5] Following World War II, the new border (see territorial changes of Poland immediately after World War II) was drawn between the People's Republic of Poland and the USSR. How long will the footprints on the moon last? When Poland joined the European Union in 2004, this border became one of the borders between the European Union and the non-EU countries. [14] More crossings are being built (Perły-Krylovo, Piaski-Baltiysk, Rapa-Ozyorsk), as the EU standards require Poland to operate at least seven for that border. Poland, country of central Europe. [15] Compared to traffic on other non-EU Polish borders, a much larger percentage (22% foreigners and 7% Poles) crossed the borders for the purpose of tourism and transit (16.5% foreigners). Poland's history as a state begins near the middle of the 10th century. The park’s vast green spruce forests are also home to a variety of flowers such as Turk’s cap lilies, carline thistles and globeflower as well as mouflons, deer, grouse and eagle oaks. Over in the south west of Poland by the border with the Czech Republic, Covering a sizeable part of the Wolin Island on the western side of the Polish coast, the, Białowieża National Park © Frank Vassen/ Flickr, © Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland / Flickr, Białowieża National Park, Parkowa, Białowieża, Poland, Kampinos National Park, Tetmajera 38, Izabelin, Poland, 1 Kuźnice, Zakopane, Małopolskie, 34-500, Poland, 1A Bohaterów Warszawy, Smołdzino, Pomorskie, 76-214, Poland, 33 Długa, Charzykowy, Pomorskie, 89-606, Poland, Ustrzyki Górne, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, 38-713, Poland, 23 Chałubińskiego, Jelenia Góra, Dolnośląskie, 58-570, Poland, Miedzyzdroje, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, 72-500, Poland, Stołowe Mountains National Park, Słoneczna 31, Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland. [11][12][13] In 2010, the largest road crossing up to that point was opened at Grzechotki-Mamonovo. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Since the Middle Ages, the natural springs at the nearby spa resorts of Duszniki Zdrój and Polanica Zdrój are renowned for their healing properties. List of largest bridges in Poland. From deer and wild boar, to trout, crane, eagle owl and bat, you can encounter numerous animal species inhabiting the area. Almost 800 km of seashore and 3 major mountain chains (Carpathian, Sudet and Świętokrzyskie) divided into 44 ranges, exactly. The Poland–Russia borders were confirmed in a Polish-Russian treaty of 1992 (ratified in 1993). It is the 70th largest country in the world by area with 312,685 square kilometers. Poland’s capital city is Warsaw, and other important cities include Krakow and Gdansk. Since 1979, it’s been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, thanks to its rich biodiversity and undisturbed nature (part of the park has been left untouched for over 800 years, and is now only accessible to biologists working on-site as well as small guided tourist groups of no more than 20 people).

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