out of the shadows (2020 documentary)

But the issue is bigger than that. Diane – I think you can go to many, many names as to who actually set up Tavistock and all its affiliates in the ongoing programming of 20th Century Western culture, and especially female culture and its feminist agenda, and still not arrive at all the answers, the list is so extensive. bg wrote in original comment: ‘What’s the use of having your word against mine trial by jury if you can just pay the High Court to overturn it.’. Amazing how “Roseanne” (Barr) was deplatformed for speaking out on behalf of Cathy O’Brien and they bury her on TV by continuing the show without her. Did New 2019 Flu Shots Cause ‘Viral Interference’ to Create the Perfect (COVID) Storm? The orphans are expected to wait for decades until the offender has died. His successor Gösta Ingvar Carlsson is “best known for leading Sweden into the European Union”. Not much of a disincentive is it. SKETCHY BILL GATES INTERVIEW SAYING YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE AND THE WORLD WILL BE VACCINATED, KATIE’S CRACKED – SHE’S QUESTIONING THE VALIDITY OF THE MOSQUE SHOOTING IN NEW ZEALAND, BANNED DOCUMENTARY: SHADOWGATE (RELEASE AUGUST 2020), Epstein: Alec Baldwin Denies Ever Meeting Jeffrey Epstein In Weird Political Rant On Instagram, Heavyweight Boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez confirms Hollywood PEADOPHILE RING GOING DOWN – The Tatty Journal, Former Disney star Orlando Brown says Will Smith raped him, Michael Jackson helped and he’s actually Blanket Jackson – The Tatty Journal, JEFFERY EPSTEIN: THE GAME OF THE GLOBAL ELITE|Full Investigative Documentary – The Tatty Journal, Prince Andrew on Jeffrey Epstein|BBC FULL INTERVIEW – The Tatty Journal, Jimmy Saville Documentary|CRIMES THAT SHOOK BRITAIN – The Tatty Journal, Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans|Full Documentary|Directed by Jeff Gibbs – The Tatty Journal, HOW CORPORATIONS RUINED FOOD – DOCUMENTARY – The Tatty Journal, DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE – The Tatty Journal, THE RETURN OF THE KING – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART TEN) – The Tatty Journal, THE DAWN OF A NEW WORLD – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART NINE) – The Tatty Journal, BEYOND KING’S AND QUEENS – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART EIGHT) – The Tatty Journal, WITCHES & WARLOCKS – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART SEVEN) – The Tatty Journal, MAJOR MEDIA MANIPULATION – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART SIX) – The Tatty Journal, CHILDREN, ART & PIZZA – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART FIVE) – The Tatty Journal, CHILDLOVERS EVERYWHERE – THE FALL OF THE CABAL (PART FOUR) – The Tatty Journal, MEDICAL STAFF DANCE WITH A STAGED COVID VICTIM MOCKING THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN – The Tatty Journal, “WE DIDN’T INFECT ENOUGH PEOPLE”|Dame Donna Kinnair – The Tatty Journal, AstraZeneca strikes deal with Oxford University to mass produce experimental COVID-19 vaccine – The Tatty Journal, The world is accelerating towards digital IDs for all – The Tatty Journal.

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