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Each allele was associated with a nearly eight-fold reduction in odds of GDM (adjOR=0.13 [0.03, 0.53], P=0.004). Patients (63yr, 67yr, 67y, 76yr; three male) had varying spinal diagnoses (two traumatic, all involving the C-spine) and length of dysphagia (6wks, 6wks, 12wks, 10yrs). Population of Pisco. Propensity score matching was used to identify 70 patients who received RA with the same number who did not. All DDKTR during the study period were included. The outcomes of interest were length of stay (LOS), critical care use and mortality at 90 days. Interestingly, more than one donor offers led to reduction in DCR. In patients following spinal surgery, dysphagia, past the acute phase of recovery, is relatively uncommon. Phase two used semi-structured interviews to explore the perspectives of mental health professionals on follow-up for Pacific youth. Many are young people in school. We observed low levels of aluminium in distilled water, distilled water with acetate buffer (pH 5.84), Albumin 4%, packed red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma. Few studies have examined the perspectives of ED nurses’ on caring for women that miscarry. Projected deaths: Projected annual average deaths occurring in each 5-year period from medium projection of Subnational Population Projections, 2013(base)–2043, published February 2015. However, there are no data on body composition of New Zealand-born term babies. In New Zealand the highest rates of suicide are in the 15–24 years age group. miles). Programmes and services are needed in schools and primary care to equip young people to manage their emotional distress and to provide early intervention. Regression analysis was conducted in Māori and Pacific separately and association effects were combined using meta-analysis. New Zealand Population Projections. Given the shared aetiology of T2D and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), genetic variants predisposing T2D may also contribute to GDM risk. E babies had significantly more FFM than Asian+ babies (p<0.05). Ethnicity was self-reported based on grandparental ethnicity. These areas include regions, cities and towns, local board areas, and area units. Historical births: Live births to mothers resident in the area by year of registration. Cases required significant intervention, including: central lines (56%, 22), continuous feeding (26%, 10), medications for hypoglycaemia (18%, 7), formula feeds (85%, 33) and respiratory support (46%, 18). This did not occur with AYA on ward 32. Four hundred and forty babies (54% male) were included. Parliament's decisions affect all New Zealanders. We observed high concentrations of aluminium when using balanced salt solutions with enFlow®. To identify what follow-up is needed for Pacific youth who present to Middlemore (MMH) Emergency Department (ED) at Counties Manukau Health (CMH) after a suicide attempt. Results will be presented under the three main themes: the Indian cultural understanding of dementia, the dementia journey, from first symptoms to diagnosis and post diagnostic support. In 82% (32), severe hypoglycaemia (<2mM) occurred within 6h of birth. The audit found that 70 Pacific youth attempted suicide in this one-year period. The findings from this study corroborate previous international studies on this topic. Body composition by air displacement plethysmography (PEAPOD COSMED, US) and anthropometry were measured within five days of birth in healthy, term infants born between 37+0 and 41+6 weeks’ gestation in two hospitals in Auckland. ABC study participant outcomes were comparable to spontaneously breathing infants who received DCC. The other 49 MPs are selected from the party lists. Infants who did not breathe at birth and received no DCC were more likely to need intubation (p=0.001) and had significantly higher mortality rates (p=0.03) compared to spontaneously breathing infants who received DCC. Over a three-year period (n=192) potential ABC study participants have been assessed and (n=71) randomised. Rib fractures (RF) are common sequelae of trauma, which can lead to serious morbidity. CREBRF-rs373863828 was carried by 39 (35%) women (four minor homozygotes). Samples were collected in a BD Trace element (K2 EDTA) tube (BD Company, New Jersey, US) and sent urgently to LabPlus for processing. used data from the number of the population from official sources. Using the general inductive approach data was thematically analysed to produce a narrative of ED nurses’ experiences of caring for women who miscarry. Generated pulsation amplitude values calculated using Fourier analysis. This exploratory study describes for the first time that swallow timing and displacement variability is present in young children but does not correlate with aspiration. A generalised linear mixed effects model was used to analyse the correlations of both the composite Fourier amplitude and individual cosine (an1,2) and sine (bn1,2) coefficients of the first two harmonics with both distance along the vessel and ophthalmodynamometric force (ODF). VFSS of 50 infants referred with feeding concerns (aged 5dys–9mths) were included. Variability in pharyngeal timing and displacement was identified across all infants but did not correlate with aspiration (p>.05). Glistenings were detected in 56.5% of IOLs. Future research should test these findings and explore this complex topic further. Survival analysis was carried out using Cox regression models to determine significant risk factors and their associations with mortality outcome. There are also historical profiles of the electorates that existed in the past. All youth were referred to either primary healthcare (11%) or community mental health services (MHS) (89%). Normal CRP was statistically significantly associated with lower Charlson Comorbidity Index score (proportion >0 in normal CRP 3.6% vs elevated CRP 26.1%, p≤0.0001). Epub ahead of print; 2019 April 3. Unmet needs included advocacy, cost barriers for legal issues, carer support and training. Assumptions made about future migration are not simple extrapolations of historical trends. Median (IQR) birthweight z-score was -1.46 (-1.81, -0.97). Population - Estimated and projected population and natural increase by territorial authority (2017 update) 1996–2043. Light-filtering chromophore IOLs demonstrated a statistically significantly higher presence and density of glistenings than clear IOLs, which was positively correlated with implantation time. Confidentiality was not routinely discussed with AYA by 50% of clinicians, and only 23% of staff reported that they see AYA alone as part of their admission. There are no planned meetings of the House, Public servants and special interest groups, 2017 General election results – electorate candidate votes, 2014 General election results – electorate candidate votes, 2011 General election results – electorate candidate votes, General election results – party vote 2011-2017, Voter enrolment and turnout 2014 and 2017, Age groups of the usually resident population, Ethnic Groups of the usually resident population, Birthplace of usually resident population, Birthplace and years since arrival in New Zealand, for overseas born, Highest qualifications of the population aged 15 years and over, Ethnic group of school pupils October 2017, Cigarette smoking behaviour of the population aged 15 years and over, Family type of families in private dwellings, Household composition of private dwellings, Socio-economic status decile of schools in the electorate, July 2014, Index of socioeconomic deprivation for areas within the electorate, Personal income of the population aged 15 years and over, Income support received by those ages 15 years and over, Labour force and employment status of the population aged 15 years and over, Occupations of the employed population aged 15 years and over, Business locations by industry at February 2017, Industries of the employed population aged 15 years and over, Unpaid activities of the population aged 15 years and over, Travel to work for the population aged 15 years and over. We also ran baseline tests with distilled water and distilled water with an acetate buffer. Total sample consisted of 350 subjects. CREBRF genotyping could improve clinical GDM risk stratification of obese Māori and Pacific women. They also have a different reference date – 5 March for the 2013 Census and 30 June for population estimates. Ethnicity was parent-identified and prioritised according to Ministry of Health criteria. ... Population of Manukau. Miranda Bailey, Allie Rout,Jane Harding, Jane Alsweiler,Wayne Cutfield,Christopher McKinlay. You can get involved by voting in elections, contacting an MP,  making a submission or petitioning Parliament. The aim is to introduce systematic SUDI prevention in CMH using the SSC and provide SUDI prevention support specifically to the whānau whose babies are at highest risk. BMI was excluded in the final model given missing data. Challenges include lack of knowledge, understanding of the diagnosis, stigma, leading to low access to services. Participants were recruited through CMDHB memory service. As might be expected, age and more severe cognitive impairment were associated with increased risk of mortality. The median age was greater (52.0 vs 63.8 years, p<0.001) in the second period. Dementia is definitely an “issue” in this community. Each group will participate in two clinical scenarios directly related to the learning outcomes. CREBRF-rs373863828 is associated with a substantially reduced likelihood of GDM in Māori and Pacific women. We determined the aluminium concentration by mass spectrometry utilising a PlasmaQuant Mass Spectrometer (Analytik Jena AG, Germany). Women had a mean (SD) baseline BMI of 39.2kg/m2 (6.1). As the global population ages, the burden of dementia is expected to rise across all cultures around the world. Transitional neonatal hypoglycaemia is common and usually resolves within 48 hours. Fifteen participants were interviewed. Each scenario will be followed directly by a semi-structured debrief, with opportunities to reflect on experiences and discuss learning objectives in more depth. More CMH patients had a predicted survival >80% (89% vs 72%, p=0.02). To describe the Fourier amplitude distribution in the retinal vessels. The SSC has been adapted to include care planning and basic referral management within the web-tool, to facilitate SUDI wrap around care. Most were male (72%, 28), Pacific (49%, 19) or Māori (18%, 7), small for gestational age (62%, 24) and born by emergency caesarean (59%, 23); only 5% (2) were large for gestational age. Simulation-based education refers to an artificial representation of a real-world process to achieve educational goals through experiential learning. what is needed in terms of culturally appropriate services for dementia. Uncoated aluminium-heating plates for intravenous fluid warming has been shown to produce high levels of aluminium with Sterofundin 1/1E balanced salt solution.1 However, the effect of using this device on other balanced salt solutions and blood products has not been studied. A second comparison was made with infants (n=32) who did not breathe and received no DCC.

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