how to fit yourself for a putter

Burkina Faso High School Junior Tonga and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, A cheat sheet to matching different putter styles to your putting stroke, Can eyes-closed putting work for an average golfer? Liechtenstein right: 0px; Saint Martin (French part) Isle of Man They probably would be best served at having a fitting session, and find out what is actually going on with their stroke. Equatorial Guinea Clubs will literally feature … Nepal Belarus The basics of AimPoint green reading, explained in 30 seconds, Try this easy putting drill to cut down on your 3-putts. Tuvalu Fiji It might not sound like it, but that is a huge jump in performance without having to improve your swing. Afghanistan His recommendation was to try working on my stroke now that we knew the issue was with me closing the club face, and my tempo was likely the culprit. United Kingdom Suriname Hong Kong With so much time with the club in your hands, why not get a proper putter fitting? But you can’t get there if your putter isn’t a fit for your motion. Congo Guyana Algeria Azerbaijan They may even believe their poor putting is due to bad mechanics. Solomon Islands However, the putter that is right for you will give you the best chance at consistently rolling putts at your intended target. Switzerland Gabon Western Sahara Your email address will not be published. Indonesia Since I am a more experienced player, and the folks at Pete’s Golf run an ethical business, Sonny told me that he wouldn’t necessarily try to get me a new putter. 06 Recommended Putters: Custom Fit: Length Send it via email Want to send this to yourself or a friend? Guinea We put it to the test, Sergio Garcia reveals the reasoning behind his odd putting trick. Bangladesh Malaysia Faroe Islands With some customers he has struggled to solve their technique issues, and that is where changing putters might be the fix. If you are seeing the golf ball go slightly to the left or right when making a putt, it could be due to your putter not fitting correctly. Italy Bachelor Degree Panama Dominican Republic It will be your reference guide for years to come! Slovenia Senegal } Sao Tome and Principe display:block; But remember, this is just an overview! Uganda Bahrain Mali Croatia Papua New Guinea Virgin Islands, U.S. Lao People's Democratic Republic Maldives Bermuda Bahamas Most importantly, it can fit you for the correct putter. In some cases, golfers may believe the problem with their putting is solely due to a need for practice. New Zealand Israel Palestinian Territory, Occupied Guadeloupe Many golfers buy a putter based on the way it feels in their hands in the store. Martinique Austria You can find him on Twitter here - @practicalgolf, where he is happy to chat about golf with anyone. A putter with an offset hosel, like the model above, naturally favors a left-aim bias (so can help players during their putting stroke who tend to aim too far right). Malta French Guiana Either way, having a session can reveal these tendencies, and help golfers improve their consistency on the greens. Palau Health and Human Performance, A.S. Heard Island and McDonald Islands Eritrea Oman Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

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