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Coups et Blessures – BB Brunes (2012) Youtube Video Link. Your list helps a lot. :-D thanks, try this one Dominique A Behind their pleasant sound often lies political lyrics, as you’ll see in the song we’re including here. I got u in french its called a green mouse if u translate it, bit late of a respons but yea It was a cheesy song, but well known. Born in 1965, his career has spanned several decades, and his musical style often reflects current trends. Also born in Canada (in 1990), Lisa Leblanc is Acadian, which is a separate French-Canadian culture and dialect from Quebecois. He’s collaborated with a number of international stars, including Lil Wayne and Sting. But her music is so catchy that it’s worth the effort! And of course, feel free to add your own. This comes out in her songs, which range from rap to the compelling and surprising “Dernière danse,” which seems like it’s going to be a sugary-sweet song but in fact is about indifference and cruelty in the world and/or pining for and recovering from a lost love (depending on who’s interpreting it). Do you remember any of the lyrics in French or in English? :), The song that always brings smiles and nice memories to me since my childhood is…, :). Born in 1989, French-Canadian singer and musician Béatrice Martin, whose stage name is  Cœur de Pirate,  has a sweet voice and girl-next-door look – but look closer and you’ll see that she’s covered in tattoos. It’s a duet, male and female. Her most famous song is “Amoureuse,” released in 1972. It says something about “Tu oui un … salon” and something about an oubliette. I remember seeing the music video, it being grey and white, or the background being white and grey. Born in Mali in 1974, Oxmo Puccino grew up in Paris’s diverse 19th arrondissement. Bonnes Nouvelles – Natasha St-Pier (2012) He was inspired by the diversity of his roots and of the people he met. What is the peppy song with the nonsense words that has a music video with some older men dancing and posing, one of whom is shirtless? Papaoutai – Stromae (2013) 98. Every song is worth a listen. Definitely an original and a list is never complete without any of her catalog on it. The video was colourful and crowded with other people dressed different like sort of fancy gothic cirques style (or maybe i saw it like that with my child brain back then). Required fields are marked *. Youtube Video Link, 57. That’s why we’ve grouped these genres together. Yet another famous and (very!) Formed in 1995, Tryo is a very popular French reggae/ska band. The 50 Best French Songs Ever Album has 50 songs sung by Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, Gus Viseur. Gaana is the one-stop solution for all your music needs. Piaf repeats this refrain several times in the song; pretty soon you’ll have it memorized, too. Unfortunately the only I remember is that it was a male singer, the song was not jazz but jazzy and there was a super catchy saxophone that appered several times in the song. I do fully understand that selecting only ;) 100 songs in French must lead to omitting some artists and every list has to be mostly the reflection of one’s personal taste in music, but I could not help noticing just by glancing at the list that some of very popular musicians are not included…Joe Dassin, who made numerous hits, such as Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas, and Zaz whose voice and songs are unique and incredible. Leblanc often plays up a sort of country kitsch vibe in her songs and exaggerates her accent and expressions, which can make it a bit hard for French learners to understand her. Hey im trying to find this song that kept showing up on my YouTube ads for the longest time and I completely forgot who sang it and what it was called, it had like a party feel to it and it was about two people that like each other in school and it had like a scene where the guy (singer) took the girls camera and made her like a wall of photos or something. There’s a man more like talking the lyrics to a very beautiful animated music video. Hi. His famous songs like “Gaby oh Gaby” and “Osez Josephine” are worth a listen, but of his well-known singles, “Ma petite entreprise” is probably the easiest to hear. The chorus goes. Some of the music from this era still holds up, while other songs have a certain dated or “cheesy” feeling, even if their lyrics are often still worth listening to. I am trying to find a French song that was being posted on Facebook several years ago and the only thing I can remember is there was a picture of a couple sitting at a Sidewalk Cafe table but I don’t believe it is “Putumayo Presents – Paris” if I remember it correctly the picture was similar but I think it was a narrow tall image and darker in color more grays and black. Imagine if you took Britney Spears’s sexy girl next door schtick at the beginning of her career and tinged it with a Goth edge? 60’s are the golden era of french music. Although it remains a somewhat niche genre here, in the subsequent decades, French reggae artists have become visible parts of the music scene and have won awards internationally, as well. features articles on how to learn French. Unfortunately, we can’t find an official version that we’re allowed to embed in this article, but an online search will easily let you give this song a listen. What makes him stand out is his often surprising wordplay. Have fun reading and discovering even more artists, thanks to the French Together community. Several of his creations are iconic in France today. Your tremendous support helps FrenchCrazy provide access to French learners across the globe. While their early music was heavily influenced by groups like The White Stripes, their more recent work seems influenced by many of the artists on this list who were creating music in the ‘70’s-early ‘90’s. New French Songs 2020 - Listen top new French songs free online.

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