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We always love to hear how these small guides help you improve your product. Placing your labels inline with your fields is the most thoughtful way to title your fields for your visitors — doing this improves your form’s ease of use since there’s no question about which label belongs to which field. The holiday season is receding quickly now, but you very likely ordered some presents online. But does it really? The 7 best UX form design practices to rule the world wide web. Well, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve taken the first step: You’ve committed to well-designed forms in your product. If you must use an email / password confirmation system, it’s better to have an icon or checkbox that unmasks the password when clicked. Accept phone numbers (and other information) in multiple formats and then standardize them yourself. Not everyone uses a mouse. Therefore, it’s good practice to ensure your fields are properly tagged with terms that a browser would recognise e.g. ‍ The goal of any form design UX is to collect data from your visitors. We have even written about it on our blog. This technique reduces the average length of your form, while also reducing form abandonment by not displaying questions that might be irrelevant to certain users. Let’s start with the aesthetics. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, 'c8a37a02-b1cc-4406-bf6d-f9795c1e51a4', {}); Originally published Jan 11, 2019 2:00:00 PM, updated January 21 2020, Form UX: How to Design a User-Friendly Form, 25 of the Best Form Builder Tools for 2020, How to Create Your First Web Form (Tutorial), 7 Surefire Ways to Capture Email Leads in 2020 [+ Tools]. An online form with great UX is easy for your visitors to work though, simple to understand, and feels professional. Why not save users a few seconds by warning them? However, take care not to validate too fast – it can get extremely annoying when you’re still typing but the form “shouts” that you have an invalid email address. In general, though, a single column layout works better even if it increases the overall height. Ever noticed how, when using a mobile device, the phone displays different keyboards depending on which question you’re asking? Thank you! The same goes for the overall layout of your form. When entering passwords, we sometimes accidentally hit the caps lock. Very interesting, helpful and just WOW!!! The shorter your form is, and fewer the text fields they need to fill in, the less time it’ll take and the higher your participation and conversion rate will be. Multi-step forms are common for check-out processes on e-commerce platforms. If these are not crucial to your form, make them optional. After redesigning an entire user interface for a client last year, I received an email from their CEO saying “It looks great Marcus, but I can’t read a thing!”. There are three reasons why multi-step forms work so well: Expedia lost $12 million per year by asking one additional question (company name) in their booking form. More and more websites use a solution like this, which I find as definitely a sign of good form design. I just love it!” said no one ever. On the one, we need to pay extra attention to certain things. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of mandatory information that must be asked that can confuse users. If a user tries to register with a taken email address, it likely means they have registered previously. When they do, show where. Also, any individual form is part of the overall UX design of a product or website. Don’t ask for things you don’t absolutely need, or at least make it optional. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. For questions that are a bit complex, use tool tips to help explain what you’re asking for and why. Do they need to prepare anything in advance (e.g. Notice how the orange call to action stands out from the blue/white in the Unbounce example above? Unfortunately, nobody ever really wants to fill out a form, despite them being such a basic part of our online experience. One of the best ways to do this is by minimizing the objects and text on the page. A study by Stanford University found that Captchas will cost you a drop in subscribers / leads of up to 30%. When in doubt, allow for self-identification with open fields and/or multiple choice. Do your users a favor and make it as specific as possible. Inline labels are a hybrid solution that are always in view, but do not take up as much vertical space as top-aligned labels. Instead, use question help text and form field helper text to encourage people to answer the question in the format that you want. CloudApp is compatible with Macs and PC. Lead Generation Tools 23. Use more than just a red accent to indicate the faulty fields. And they were all like, “Oh, the–your name is case sensitive. Both Google and Apple have put an enormous amount of research into designing their different UI controls. Also consider breaking up your form into multiple steps so not to intimidate your user with a massive number of fields at the beginning. When asking for credit card details, for example, ask for information in the same order that it typically appears on the physical card (credit card number, expiry date, security code). Just make sure they get used whenever appropriate. Short forms are filled out in a couple of minutes, long forms can take hours — and it is expected that people will take breaks between sessions. For example, how long will it take? ‘CR0 3RL…’. On the other, our phones have a lot of features which could make filling out forms a lot less painful. This post turned into a bit of a monster so I’ve broken it into eight sections. Inline form field labels are form field labels that are located inside the fields themselves. Also let them know the next steps to expect. Some will definitely take up more development resources than a “good enough” solution, but your users will love you for it. Obvious and clear action buttons improve a form’s accessibility because they’re universally recognized as the way to submit information on a form. Avoid “submit” and opt for more elaborate and clear calls to action, such as “I want to subscribe to your newsletter” or “start my free trial today.”. For regulation reasons, this company had to ask users to submit ‘KYC’ (Know Your Customer) documents, such as their driving license and a recent bill. For more info, check out this awesome resource on the. But just imagine your user will have no clue about what information each field should contain once they’ve filled them in. This is one of the most counterintuitive lessons I’ve come across on multi-step form design. In addition to forms intimidating users, yours might contain different types of data, some more sensitive or complicated to provide. We also recommend always staying open to feedback, testing your regularly, and revising it to ensure you continue to meet your goals. Also consider breaking up your form into multiple steps so not to intimidate your user with a … It also ensures that they provide a better answer on their first try, which reduces the cost of additional communication after the form is submitted. Describe the action the user will take. “The marketing department made me do it!” Yes, I know you may have great pressure on you (or us) to ask for even the user’s shoe size. Email Marketing Software Both the first two examples do not account for individuals with more than one last name. You thoroughly test it yourself. ‘email’, ‘first name’, or ‘city’. Forms may not be the most fun and exciting things to design, but they can still have good UX! User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. For long forms, group input categories and use multiple steps, 32. Needless to say, if a site has a poorly designed, long, or difficult web form, visitors are less likely to complete it, let alone begin filling it out. You can always add supplementary helper text to the form field to suggest how you expect the answer to be formatted. With that said, let’s jump in. But why would a visitor want to convert and conduct any type of business with you if the form they’re being asked to list their information on is difficult to use, hard to understand, or visually unattractive? In the example above, you can see a placeholder that says ‘E.g. When you expect users to type longer answers, use a bigger text box. Are you able to quickly find the information you’re looking for? If you expect your users to type an email address, open that keyboard with the text field active. This design is good for a simple form like a survey but bad for long online forms with many questions. By making call to actions the same width as fields you remove any doubt over where the button is located. When asking users to choose their country, occupation, or something else with a large number of predefined options, it’s best to provide a predictive search function to reduce the amount of typing and cognitive load required.

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