damselfly family

Lestes naiads get around by climbing on plants and by swimming, propelling themselves through the water by swishing their long abdomen and gills back and forth. By mid-summer, they are airborne. Dept Envir. Dorsal view of an adult damselfly from the family Coenagrionidae. The adults are known to be agile flyers, and are commonly referred as “Dancers” for their unique flight style. Yesterday I left the homestead well before daylight and drove to Mum’s. Prot., Tallahassee. Damselfly adults use their hind legs which are covered with hairs to capture prey as they fly. Spreadwings generally hang out on or near the ground by the still/slow-moving, weedy waters required by their naiads (aquatic young) (though the two damselflies caught in flagrante delicto were photographed on the BugLady’s lawn, some distance from water). Photograph by Seth Bybee, University of Florida. Literature: McCafferty 1981. Wings are usually clear except for a spot at the end of the wing called a stigma. They are carnivorous in both stages. Damselflies of this genus are basically stream dwellers. Adult and naiad head, wings, legs, and spines. And while dragonflies must hold their wings out to the side when they perch, damselflies can fold their wings over their backs (as demonstrated here by the beautiful little Violet Dancer, the BugLady’s favorite damselfly). They range in colour from green to brown, often supplemented with mottled patterns. In one study, twice as many Slender Spreadwing females emerged as males. Naiads of some species have adjusted to the shortened calendar of the ephemeral pond, where the warming temperatures of increasingly shallow waters “goose” their rate of development. Immature damselflies (naiads) hatch from eggs and live in water. Species: C. puella. Both dragonflies and damselflies belong to the Odonata, which is a subgroup of insects, which in turn is a group of uniramian arthropods. Insect Order: Odonata. Ebony jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) They are commonly found around ponds and lakesides during the summer. but where do they live? Photo by Drees. Genus: Coenagrion. Reviewed: Baugh 5/97, Mitchell 5/97. Binomial name; Coenagrion puella (Linnaeus, 1758) The azure damselfly (Coenagrion puella) is a species of damselfly found in most of Europe. Their change in appearance is a bit more dramatic than in other insects that practice simple metamorphosis. Lestes naiads can be found sprawling and hunting on vegetation (where they’re well camouflaged). Eggs are deposited in emergent plants or floating vegetation or directly into the water. The last immature stage crawls out of the water onto vegetation before the adult emerges. Mating is unusual: males deposit sperm in a secondary genitalia structure on the second and third abdominal segment by bending the abdomen forward. habitat page to see if they live by 2010. family Coenagrionidae which commonly are found around ponds and streams. They live for a few weeks to a few months and fly mainly during the daytime (diurnal). Damselfly nymphs of family Lestidae have very slender and elongated bodies. There are four families of damselflies (including the Protoneuridae). Males’ abdomens have the pale tips that are due to pruinosity (from the Latin for covered by hoarfrost). They are carnivorous in both stages. Soon the egg hatches within the stem and the naiad escapes into the water to continue its development. ... the Protoanisoptera (family Meganeuridae), have been found in limestone at Elmo near Abilene, Kansas, USA. Dorsal view of an adult Calopteryx maculata, a damselfly. They feed on aquatic insects and other arthropods that are found in the water. Damselflies and dragonflies are in the order Odonata (meaning “tooth”).

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