The Science of Leonardo

He needs freedom from all the negativity. Let their love blooms again! They all deserve happiness, no exception. You did well... Gwenchana KSH/CHB... you have many fans here...❤. He reminda me of the other bad boy characters actor. Story is interesting. And his life was pathetic too, the girl he liked thought he was a psycho who was out to get her and she was scared of him. He's slowly becoming more like the original HB without his past memories because they're literally the same soul but reincarnated. These are just some of my sentiments. And the preview is a bit infuriating haha. SH and SB end up together. None of the characters is wholly good or wholly bad. nana Apr 29 2020 11:29 am hahaha. Only 6 episodes are left, I don't think the makers will destroy the love story they spent 10 episodes on. 1st episode looks promising. I want be lead male someday } JB is someone who everyone treats like a time bomb about to go off. The only one who kept him sane only the girl. Maybe only Sa Bin is decent in that aspect. To be honest I wasn't interested in this drama when I saw the first episode but as I continue watching it becomes more interesting. Still my heart aches as I was typing this. Don't forget that Ji Cheol was going to see Ha Eun to give her his heart but the detective shot him and caused the tragedy to happen. JB character make me angry, why he cant speak and explain!! Sun Jun 09 2020 7:44 pm Besides, no one knows who is CJB's father. I hope happy ending, i'm always support this drama , because in my favourite drama. I imagine he could play a role in action drama like jichangwook. My ship is sailing!! so much impressed nice job oppa. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. And if he turns out to be a villain, I never mind it. The drama is almost done but there is no progress on the yellow umbrella crime. In the past, Jang Ki Young's has a scar on his left eye and Lee Soo Hyuk's character feels pain on his chest everytime Jin Se Yun is in pain. Well back to the story, I was totally rooting for the prosecutor at first because it’s a risky move to be with the man with a tendency to kill. zzz May 01 2020 1:59 am Sabin here represents a woman, why would she be the one holding the yellow umbrella when she has nothing to do with the yellow umbrella.? Im curious, plot is interesting and intriguing. Int Jun 03 2020 1:19 am Marie May 06 2020 5:53 pm That's why SH was so disappointed seeing her talking and smiling to nobody. That endless purity, sincerity, compassion, and trust she has is the main aspects that draw both male leads towards her. This drama won my heart... Gomawo writer nim... for giving this such hard days to know what will happen next... Zzzz May 26 2020 4:56 am In reality, JB has been operated and for sure ended in a coma. is he alive or what i thought jeongbom is supposed to be the reincarnation of him?!! Moreover, SH simply dumps his fiancee because he realizes that he doesn't love her, days before the wedding. That's why scenarists today don't write good stories like before. Ari May 26 2020 6:02 pm Respect for the writer for doing something unique. I'm glad I didn't waste anymore time on this. Hha May 26 2020 11:29 pm He didn't know that it was Sang A who was following him, but the investigation was still in process. For me Ji Cheol / Jong Beom is so miserable. Free to choose on how to live is love. ! Jang ki yong my next fave actor for new drama and another character?...daebak his soo handsome as usual... shinyS Mar 23 2020 9:39 pm

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