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Das flinke 5-GHz-Frequenz beherrschen nur wenige. If you’re a bit less trusting and would rather not share an unending stream of video from your front porch with a faceless corporation, the Eufy Video Doorbell might be your best bet. TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot. TechHive |. The actual act of screwing the doorbell next to my door took less than 10 minutes. Eufy Video Doorbell (battery-powered): How well does it perform? Welche Modelle es gibt und was die taugen, verrät dieser Überblick. I think this problem would exist on most doorbell cams other than the Nest though. (Correction, June 23, 2020: An astute reader who has purchased this doorbell discovered a poorly documented feature that allows it to be connected to your home network wirelessly). I also get notification overload when the kids are outside, or we are mowing the lawn. So you can't view the live stream in Google home or smart things? You’re not beholden to using an existing perch next to the door where a wired doorbell might already be. This is not common across the video doorbell market. Many people rely 100% on Wi-Fi to keep things in their home connected. Another reason why I disabled motion notification. Similar to the Arlo and the Ring, you need only a modicum of handyman skills to get the Eufy attached to the wall and streaming live video. Ended up returning and re-thinking what I was going to do. Die kleinen Filme helfen natürlich auch dann, wenn der Hausherr willkommene Besucher knapp verpasst. I didn’t test it for that long, but the battery was still going strong for me after two months of high traffic on my porch. I also use Google Assistant for voice control. You can use the Homebase with other Eufy wireless security cameras, though, so that 16GB might become an impediment if you sprinkle several other Eufy cameras around your home. Best for Most Affordable Ring Doorbell. Privacy Affordable High-quality video No subscription fees Wired or battery, Base requires ethernet More involved setup. Setting the bell up, managing the software, and running the app are easy enough for anyone to handle. I was disappointed with the night vision as I had a lot of haloing with it. You quite literally maintain ownership of the video, as it never leaves your house. It’s a combined hard drive/chime and is where all the video archives are kept. It doesn’t quite cover my entire front stoop. Einige Modelle wollen Frust und Zusatzkosten ersparen: Hier steckt in den Klingeln ein Akku, damit der Betrieb ohne Kabelsalat klappt. Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus review: Pushing all the right buttons, Arlo Video Doorbell review: Higher quality video on the cheap. WLAN-Überwachungskameras im Test: Wer filmt am zuverlässigsten? Bottom line, the Eufy video doorbell gets the job done. But privacy is also part of the equation. Eufy did a fine job with its video doorbell. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. Damit die Montage gelingt, müssen die Drähte der heimischen Klingelanlage passen, etwa die richtige Spannung (8 bis 24 Volt) und Leistung liefern. But so far I only have it turning on my porch and front patio lights 10 seconds after the doorbell is pressed and can't imagine having it do much more than that. Ist das nicht zur Hand, klappt immer noch ein analoger Blick durch den Türspion. Nut­zer müssen ihre Besucher per Warnaufkleber darüber informie­ren – oder diese Funktionen deaktivieren. I had decided that Smartthings integration wouldn't be that important for a video doorbell as long as the doorbells app was reliable and fully featured, which the Eufy seemed to be. Eufy’s notion of privacy has to do with the ownership of video generated by the doorbell. Stills taken from movement footage did tend to look slightly grainy, but overall video and audio quality are quite good. Eufy Camera Reviews. Alles dabei: Neben der gezeigten Klingel gibt es zwei Blenden, Akku plus Kabel und viel Montage-Zubehör. **I thought the Assistant and Alexa integration would only allow me to view the video feed on their supported devices, so this additional ability to trigger actions within Smartthings was a nice surprise! Ring may have the bigger name, and Arlo may offer higher-quality video, but these each require monthly plans that add to the cost of the purchase. Eufy Doorbell doesn't work with IFTTT either. do you mind sharing some clip of both day and night? $0. Around the button is another circle that is used as a signal circle showing the color according to the state of the bell. The Homebase also serves as the video doorbell’s chime unit, loudly announcing when someone rings the bell. And it just so happens that Eufy does offer a subscription service if you need more storage: A Basic plan gives you 30 days of storage in the cloud for one camera for $3 per month or $30 per year. I just check it in the morning. The routines in Google Assistant can't be triggered by device activities, only by phrases or in the Home app. Meaning that if you crank up the sensitivity for motion recording, you also get slammed with motion alerts from the app. Ist das nicht der Fall, muss ein Elektriker ran. I found the camera’s motion detection features to be excellent. It can't trigger a routine when it detects motion. Eufy’s app is free to download from the Google Play Store (or iTunes App Store) and requires you to set up an account to get started. Pros & Cons . Those are good products if you plan on buying in to their respective ecosystems. Welche Modelle es gibt und was die taugen, verrät dieser Überblick. The Eufy stores all your video locally on the included hard drive. Eufy allows you to tweak the zones where motion will activate the bell. Eufy Video Doorbell Review. Dank Gegensprechfunktion kommunizieren Hausbesitzer via Smartphone mit dem Gegenüber. Check out the deal right here. We steer you to products you'll love and show you how to get the most out of them. So right off the bat that knocks out Ring and Nest, the two doorbells that would integrate best with ST or Google Assistant.

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