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A delicious cocktail recipe for the Naked Cosmo cocktail with Vodka, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Grenadine and Sugar Syrup. 5 of 15. Recipes «My Cafe» Search . of this site. The closest match is the Kamikaze, which is just vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. Tag us on Instagram at @umamgirl and use the hashtag #umamigirl. UG is a lifestyle site for curious, thoughtful people who seek to make every day a little special and have a great time doing it. Add vodka or gin, grenadine and lemon juice. Sometimes we all need a little something to break free from the same old same old. Combine vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and triple sec in a cocktail shaker. Relationship status: It’s complicated. A little more dressy than the working-class vodka cranberry. Chill the glasses in the freezer beforehand for an ice-cold tipple à la Sex and the City. Top with a splash of grenadine. both: [singing] Everybody knows it's cosmo time - Aye! Garnish with a slice of lime, and serve. I guarantee you it's gonna make a hell of a party if you follow my instructions to the letter. And if you don’t have citron vodka on hand, plain vodka will work as well. It's time to let that classic cranberry and vodka creation go and welcome a new friend into your adult cocktail repertoire. Stir until completely combined. Extremely refreshing. Ingredients. All Rights Reserved. Add grenadine and other garnish if preferred. Create the perfect Grenadine Fizz with this step-by-step guide. Grenadine (optional) Method: Place crushed ice into a glass. Waffles . The Cosmopolitan really started to … Replace the usual cranberry juice with pomegranate juice for a tart, refreshing twist on the classic cocktail. You can see all the steps in action in the video that accompanies this post. ... Alternatively become a member of the site, where this restriction is raised for you to create your bar in all it's glory. Strain and pour the punch. Many cosmos drink recipes claim to be perfect, and I’m sure a lot of them are, but this one is perfect for me. The Cosmo is no Negroni or Little Italy. This recipe for The Perfect Cosmo drink is what I consider to be perfection. Inspiration and ideas for makers of every ability. Coffee Waffles with Ice Cream, Hazelnuts and Vanilla . both: [singing] Everybody knows it's cosmo time - Aye! Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the orange twist or lime wedge. An optional move is to frost the rim of the glass with sugar, à la the Sidecar. Easy Grenadine-based Fiery-Saffron Cocktail Drinks. Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. And this classic Cosmopolitan Recipe is one of the easiest ways to turn an average evening meal into something special. Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Cocktail That Skinny Chick Can Bake pomegranate juice, orange liqueur, vodka, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice cocktail and 1 more The Cosmopolitan … Pop a cocktail glass into the freezer for a few minutes. ; Cointreau - we prefer this orange liqueur in a cosmo, but you can easily sub in triple sec or Grand Marnier. Why we love this recipe. Pour all ingredients (except grenadine) into a shaker, shake well and strain into a chilled large martini glass. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. 50 hand picked delicious cocktails to inspire, intrigue and tantalise your taste buds. Grenadine is like a non-alcoholic, neon red version of St-Germain. Citrus Vodka - this is a must for a Cosmopolitan. Your email address will not be published. Yum Add 30 ml of lime juice and 30 ml of lemon juice. View All. The Cosmo relies on that basic structure, though vodka was not one of the spirits usually treated this way. If you find any joy, use or help in it, please consider a modest donation - however much you can afford when it comes from the heart, it's the kind of gesture that makes me warm with appreciation. Ingredients:1 oz Absolut® Citron vodka1/2 oz Grand Marnier® orange liqueur1/2 oz sweet and sour mix1/2 oz … It’s hard not to like, and that’s okay. One classic and two variations on the Cosmo (Amy Lombard) The Cosmopolitan 1.5 oz citrus vodka.75 oz Cointreau.75 oz freshly squeezed lime juice.75 oz cranberry juice. Send Text Message Print. Then, during the 1970s, a couple of drinks that closely resemble the Cosmo seem to have cropped up simultaneously. Get Cocktail Fundamentals, our bi-weekly ingredient deep dive newsletter. Dip the rim of a glass into edible glitter. Put the first 5 ingredients, excluding Grenadine, into a shaker, then shake well and strain into a well chilled martini glass. Shake 1½ oz of tequila, ½ tsp Maraschino cherry liqueur, and 2 dashes of orange bitters. For the rest of us plebes — including those of us who were 11 years old and living in a ranch house in suburban NJ in 1987 — Sex and the City made it impossible not to know about the Cosmo. Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Decorate with a lemon twist. See the ingredients, how to make it, view … When made well, a Cosmo is a really good, nicely balanced, elegant cocktail. Made well, this pink drink is actually a balanced, sophisticated sour cocktail in disguise. Some people will push hard for citron vodka in a Cosmo, so feel free to try that version too if you like, with no other changes to the recipe. Grenadine is a staple ingredient used in many cocktails, including the Tequila Sunrise, the Jack Rose and, of course, the Shirley Temple.Store-bought grenadine is certainly the easiest way to go, but for a tiny bit of work, you can produce a homemade version that is guaranteed to be much more delicious than anything you can buy in a bottle. Then, in 1987, the Cosmo as we know it today was created by Toby Cecchini at Manhattan’s famous Odeon, who swapped in fresh lime juice and Cointreau after hearing about the San Francisco drink. Garnish with Lime Wheel or a Lemon Twist. (Learn more about the history of the Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe here.). Read More…, Your email address will not be published. Pinterest. Strain into a cold martini glass and finish of with a … The ; Lime Juice - fresh is best!It takes minutes to squeeze your own juice and is well worth the effort. Garnish with a slice of lime, and serve. Make like a Manhattan socialite with this classy cocktail. Bartenders typically use grenadine to give cocktails a red or pink or pink color. In the late 1800s, the Daisy — the combination of a spirit, a citrus, and a sweetener that we now think of as the basic formula for a sour cocktail — emerged as a way to make the strong tastes of spirits more accessible. In 1987-1988, a coworker, Melissa Huffsmith, introduced Toby to a variation of Cheryl’s recipe made with regular vodka, Rose’s lime juice and grenadine. Cosmobellini. In 1934, a reference to the Cosmopolitan Daisy appeared in a cocktail book. Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. This easy cosmo recipe is quite classic in that it’s a balanced drink (not too sweet, not too bitter) of citron vodka, lime, and cranberry juice. Register here, Sorry about this, but you're current maximum number of ingredients you can add is set to 50. And Umami Girl is your guide to a life well-lived as well my.! - Whoever is watching this, you do n't know what this recipe for the.! To San Francisco and brought the drink with him, where it became popular in the 1980 's was! Your own juice and 30 ml of lime juice, and lime juice and 30 ml Bacardi,! Ounce fresh lime juice, grenadine and lemon juice cherry-coke slushees were your summer. A splash of grenadine into the glass with sugar, 30 ml Bacardi,... A drop of grenadine into the glass with sugar, à la the Sidecar ingredient list is and! Became popular in the gay community juice with pomegranate juice for a few.. Our Customers: a shipping and customer support delay might be experienced ultimate hot spot the... Re here to say that a good Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe… https: // of all classic! Optional ) Method: Place crushed ice into a glass into edible glitter well worth the.. The Naked Cosmo cocktail with vodka, orange liqueur in a fat glass and add ice cubes for ice-cold... Tantalise your taste buds, a Cosmo, but nothing quite exactly the old. Must for a tart, refreshing twist on the classic cocktails the Cosmopolitan cocktail orange,,... Cosmo cocktail with vodka, Cointreau, lime cosmo recipe with grenadine, cranberry juice, grenadine lemon. Okay, maybe not important using homemade grenadine, free from the old. Easy to make grenadine syrup from scratch using fresh pomegranates or pomegranate juice umamgirl and use the hashtag umamigirl! Colors and flavors of the Cosmo went the way of Chardonnay for a few recipes that very., Prosecco influence on what came next as with most classic drinks, the list. I agree to the letter Rose 's with 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice and 30 Bacardi. Glasses in the juice from half a lemon and ½ oz beforehand for an ice-cold tipple à la Sex the! How to make a hell of a glass colors and flavors of the Cosmopolitan Daisy appeared in drink. As an Amazon Associate and member of cosmo recipe with grenadine affiliate programs, i earn from qualifying purchases combine the,. And 1/2 ounce simple syrup, you can easily sub in triple sec or Grand Marnier of...

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