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The reasons contribute to the population growth is fertility rate and interstate migration. It has a total area of 800,642 km2 and covers 10.4 percent of Australia. New South Wales is Australia’s largest state, home to an estimated 7,618,200 people in 2016. It is growing even more quickly than Sydney and is forecast to become Australia's largest city within 25 years. Australia has population of over 25 million which is ranking 52nd in the world. There are 20.66 million internet users in Australia in 2016. This is a result of both net migration, which has been about 150,000 per year for the past few years, and natural increase. Those that claimed to be of English ancestry represented 25.9% of the total population. This is a result of both net migration, which has been about 150,000 per year for the past few years, and natural increase. South Australia, which is located in the center of Australia's south coast, is home to approximately 1,698,600 people. Melbourne will become the most populated city in Australia. Around 80 per cent of southern Australian marine species occur nowhere else in the world.

The Australian Capital Territory is an enclave inside of New South Wales. Christianity is the predominant faith of Australia. We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table in next section) will make the estimation more accurate.… Read more about Sydney Population 2020.

South Australia – South Australia has population of over 1.7 million, which accounts for 7.14% of Australia population. Brisbane – Looking back last six years of Brisbane’s population, the growth rate is very consistent and strong ranging from 1.32% to 6%, adding around 30,000 to 140,000 people each year to the overall population. The most recent Australian census was held in 2016 and confirmed that the population of Australia was 23,401,892.

Western Australia – Western Australia also known as WA is Australia’s largest state. In the five years since the 2006 census, its population grew by an impressive 11.5%. It is also the capital and largest city of New South Wales. Queensland is Australia's third largest state. Over 85% of Australians lived in urban areas and nearly 70% lived in our capital cities, making Australia one of the world’s most urbanised countries. The Northern Territory has an estimated 244,600 residents, making it the least densely populated part of Australia and one of the least densely populated areas in the world. Its capital and largest city is Sydney. Australia’s population is about 25.5 million as of 2020 and is projected to grow to 42.68 million people by 2099. New South Wales’ coastline is only 2137 km long… Read more about New South Wales population 2020. Despite these successes, the economy is actually growing at the slowest rate that it has in a very long time at just 1.8% annual growth.

Sydney – Based on our research Sydney population will reach 5.73 million by June of 2019. Melbourne, Australia's second city and a great rival of Sydney, is the capital of Victoria. Perth, capital of Western Australia, is the fastest growing state capital in Australia. A census taken in 1828 found that half the population of NSW were Convicts, and that former Convicts made up nearly half of the free population. Der Staat ist föderal organisiert, die einzelnen Bundesstaaten haben jeweils eigene Parlamente mit weitgehenden Kompetenzen zur Gesetzgebung. According to sensis, Facebook continues to dominate as the most used social network site. Its largest city is Darwin, where more than half of the Territory's residents make their homes.

It's population went up from 1,512,105 in 2006 to 1,728,867 in 2011, a growth rate of 14.3% in just five years. As of 2016, the population of Australia had the option to identify their religious affiliations through the census period and the findings show that 30.1% do not have a religious practice or belief, 22.6% of Australians are Catholic, 13.3% are Anglican Christian, 3.7% are affiliated with the Uniting Church, 2.6% identify as Christian in general, another 2.6% are affiliated with Islam, 2.4% are Buddhist, 2.3% are Presbyterian, 2.1% are Eastern Orthodox, 1.9% are involved in Hinduism, 1.5% are Baptist, 1.1% are Pentecostal, .7% are Lutheran, .5% are Sikh, .5% are other Protestant, .4% are affiliated with Judaism, another .4% are Jehovah's Witnesses, .3% are Seventh Day Adventists, .3% are Latter Day Saints and .2% are Oriental Orthodox. Mongolia, Western Sahara and Suriname have fewer people per square kilometer than Australia. Perth is Australia 4th largest city in population size. 63.9% of the population is Christian while 6.5 % has other religions: Buddhism (2.5% of the population), Islam (2.2%), Hinduism (1.3%) and Judaism (0.5%). Based on our research South Australia population will reach 1.731 million by the June 2019. As the 6th largest nation in the world, Australia has a very low population density of just 3 people per square kilometer, or 7 per square mile. (Government Statistics) The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 4.53% over last 8 years since 2011. Australia’s population growth rate is 1.18%, adding about 296,000 people to the population over 2019’s population. According to Australia census, 49.3 percent of the South Australian population is male and 50.7 percent are female. In the 2011 Australian statistics, the most commonly assigned ancestry was English of around 36.1%, trailed by Australian of 35.4%, Irish comprising 10.4%, Scottish of 8.9%, Italian of 4.6%, German 4.5%, Chinese consisting 4.3%, Indian 2.0%, Greek 1.9%, Dutch of 1.7% and the aboriginal 2.7%. The following table shows Australia is enjoying healthy and consistent population growth over last 9 years range from 1.49% to 1.67% adding 349,254 to 374,256 people to the overall population.

Australian Population Clock, which uses population indicators to estimate the current population count. Western Australia’s density is 0.89 people per kilometer, which is ranking 2nd least populated state in Australia after Northern Territory. At the moment, every 1 minute and 44 seconds, one new baby born, every 3 minutes and 24 seconds one person dies, every 2 minutes and 39 seconds, a new immigrants come to Australia. Its largest city is its capital, Adelaide, which is home to all but 400,000 of South Australia's residents. Australia’s population today is much older and has a more balanced sex structure. Other indicators visualized on maps: (In English only, for now) Adolescent fertility rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19) - Keywords: demography, population pyramid, age pyramid, aging, retirement, Australia, 2019. The 2011 census revealed its population to be 4,391,674, an increase of 6.6% over the 2006 numbers. Only a slight difference exists between metropolitan and non-metropolitan residents. Brisbane’s sunshine and other livable conditions also bring people from oversea and interstate… Read more about Brisbane Population 2020. The reason behind the population growth is fertility rate and interstate migration. However Australia is Word’s 6th largest country with size of 7,686,850 kilometer. Perth has an estimated population of over 2.04 million people, which account for 8.58% of the national population. Australia’s population growth rate is 1.18%, adding about 296,000 people to the population over 2019’s population. Australia’s fertility rate of 1.83 births per woman is below the … In 1770 Captain James Cook chartered the eastern coast of the land and claimed it for Britain.

In addition to six states, Australia has ten territories.

The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 1.64% over last 9 years since 2011. By 1901, Australia had developed six states that were unified with a constitution. UN World Population Prospects (2019 Revision). Its capital city, Perth, is home to 2 million of WA's 2.5 million residents. Based on our research Australia population will reach 25.870 million by the end of 2020. In 2011, the official indigenous population of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders was over 548,000, or 2.5% of the total population, up from 116,000 in 1976. In 2011, females’ life expectancy is 84.3 years and for male it is 79.9 years.

Population of Australian Capital Territory 2020. Sydney is Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city. Mount Gambier, Whyalla and Port Pirie had the highest populations of the Regional Local Government Areas… Read more about Adelaide Population 2020. The top six largest countries are:  Russia, Canada, America, China, Brazil and Australia. The median age in 2011 was 37 years, and 14% of the population was aged 65 and over. Growth in Australia’s key capital cities accounted for 79% of the countries overall population growth. From the end of World War II through 2000, nearly 6 million immigrants came to Australia, accounting for 2 out of every 7 Australians. Australia’s population growth rate has eased back to a rate last seen almost 10 years prior, as indicated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

As with other developed countries, Australia's demographics are shifting toward an older population. Mining industry also plays an important part in the population growth. Home to Australia's capital city Canberra, 390,800 people live in the ACT. The top five most populated states in Australia are as follows: New South Wales – New South Wales also known as NSW has the largest population in Australia. Situated on the south coast, it was home to 3,999,982 people at the time of the 2011 census. These increases are due to declining death rates at all ages reflecting improving living conditions. Most of Australia's population is concentrated on or around the more hospitable coastal areas, as you can see in the density map further down the page. Western Australia is home to an estimated 2,591,600 people. It ranks second most populated state in Australia after Sydney. Overseas migration also plays a big part in Brisbane’s population growth.

On an average day around 854,000 people use the city, and each year Melbourne hosts over a million international visitors… Read more about Melbourne population 2020. The official estimation of the population as of the 27th of March 2019 is 24,992,860 people. There are 19,449,469 adults in Australia. The quarterly growth was 113,900 people (0.4%). We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table below) will make the estimation more accurate. As well as the five cities listed above, Canberra, the capital of Australia, is the country's eighth largest city, home to an estimated 424,666 people. After 2012, average Australian life expectance is greater than 82 years. Australia’s population was 25,649,985 people at 31 March 2020. There are six Australian states, ranging in population from 0.5 million to 7.6 million in population.

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