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During the Second World War, most of the Estonian-Swedes moved to Sweden. If you are invited for dinner with a Swedish family today, there is little etiquette to breach. The pop music group ABBA was famous in the ’70s and the ’80s. Chances are you can live here for years without learning a lick of Swedish. Not in a creepy, obsessive way, but like an adventurer in unknown territory who carefully observes his surroundings. His death on March 14, 1912 meant the loss of the most notable figure in Swedish literature. It was a wooden church in the 11th century until 12th century when a stone church was built. Do not take the last helping from a plate. Personal space is important in Sweden and as such it is recommended that you maintain an awareness of someone’s personal space and that you do not invade it. Surprised solidarity isn't on there, maybe because the social democrats are having problems. Swedes love coffee. The currency code for Kronor is SEK, and the currency symbol is kr. 3. Due to the strong leaning towards egalitarianism in Sweden, competition is not encouraged and children are not raised to believe that they are any more special than any other child. Last updated: Swedish people include the Swedish-speaking Finns and the most exclusively Swedish-speaking people of the Aland Islands. It is rare that you were witness a Swede demonstrating anger or strong emotion in public. During the Middle Ages, most writers used Latin. Due to the egalitarian values of Sweden, it is strongly recommended that you do not wear anything flashy. But many. Nowadays, most people do as they please. Others are new imports that Swedes have embraced with open arms. Even senior directors or executives do not dress any more elaborately than average employees. is an International Catalog of World Coins. The Swedish language was developed further by authors of the 17th century. A few generations from now, the origins of these customs may have been forgotten, for as soon as a people absorb something in the form of a custom, where it actually originated becomes a matter of little interest. Learn some basic words and phrases in’s Swedish glossary. Catholic Church and Germany have influenced the culture of Sweden. Cinnamon rolls are believed to have originated in Sweden, where they are called kanelbulle. 1950 W. Corporate Way PMB 25615, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA. Find out how the ‘lagom’ koncept translates into Swedish business culture. Viking art, which exemplifies the Nordic influence on Swedish art, has survived in the form of stone monuments around the countryside and objects that have been excavated lately. Daycare centres and schools exert a considerable influence in the social sphere. Swedes like to keep it sustainable. Either way, you might want to think twice before wearing full lace-up boots when visiting folks. I run a training company with my American business partner in Stockholm. If you are trying to sell something then try to tone down the use of emphasis or superlatives as it is very rare that a Swede will over elaborate during a conversation – even if they are trying to sell something. #7 The Swedes are an outdoorsy bunch. All you need to know about Swedish higher education and scholarships is available at In the years after the 1880s, Swedish art began to get international acclaim. When it comes to equality between the sexes, Sweden is one of the leaders, and the men definitely pull their own weight in staying home and raising infant children. ‘Thank you!’ – Tack! Come May, the Eurovision Song Contest is just as popular – though some Swedes prefer the ice hockey world championships, which usually coincide with the international music event. It's a joint project between: Copyright © With Islam comes the tradition of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. Excess, flashiness and boasting are abhorred in Sweden and individuals strive towards the middle way. From having been a farming nation in the European margins, Sweden climbed to the top of the growth table. Church weddings are still the most popular type of marriage ceremony, despite the fact that the Church of Sweden – which was ‘wed’ to the state until very recently – is losing both members and visitors. It was first given away in 1901. The Rok Runestone carved during the Viking Age is the first piece of literature from Sweden. Please visit for more information. It is essential that you are cool and controlled during negotiations and that you do not demonstrate any emotion as this will be perceived negatively. Marriage, christenings and confirmation in church used to be rites of passage en route to adulthood and a place in the community. Corruption is less prevalent in their country. Other interests of Strindberg included painting and photography. This website is administered by the Swedish Institute. Considered as a part of Nordic art, Swedish art bears influences of the art of Europe and the United States. In Sweden, all year round there’s at least one activity that can be enjoyed, come rain, shine, or winter blizzard. ‘Here you are.’ – Varsågod. On April 8, 1965, he died of a short illness in Stockholm, Sweden. Preparing yourself for Sweden may include understanding a few societal norms that are distinctly Swedish – some quite basic, others more subtle. Husaby, a village in Sweden is known for the Husaby Church characterized by steep walls and high towers, which is perhaps the only piece of Romanesque architecture in Sweden, of this kind. Born on July 26, 1886, he was a noted figure in the film and stage industry. In the collection 'Celebrating the Swedish Way', he has written the main sections about how we celebrate in Sweden today. One of two key minority languages is Saami, which is spoken in the Northern regions of Sweden and finally Finnish. So, let’s call Sweden the country of Swedes, instead of going the other way round. Swedes rarely engage in small talk at the start of a meeting. Swedish is consistently named the Seattle area's best hospital, with the best doctors, nurses and overall care in a variety of specialty areas. Awkward silences’ are rarely seen as awkward in Sweden and as such, Swedes do not rush to fill conversation silences. Women should wear conservative business dresses or a suit.

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