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There is, of course, a little bit of truth in both those excuses. Will Toney's move into MMA help draw Pay Per View buys? 1. It almost seems like a marketing reaction to this newfound vulnerability of BJJ that the BJJ establishment might be starting to award black belts to prominent MMA fighters without the actual BJJ testing. While many expected Toney to hang up his gloves mid-2000, he was too much of a warrior to rest on his laurels. Even if a boxer were offered similar fight money to compete in MMA, it would be too big of a risk to put his boxing future in jeopardy if he lost in MMA, as I have no doubt Toney is doing by signing with the UFC. The boxing vs. MMA debate won't be settled to the satisfaction of many any time soon, and the only way I could see great boxers going into MMA in their primes is if MMA eventually becomes more lucrative than boxing. Captain America talks about the pressure of repping MMA, and digging into his old bag of tricks to put the lights out on James Toney. In any case, since that time, it's been shown that while having defense against the submissions of, Thus, punchers with some wrestling abilities like Chuck, It almost seems like a marketing reaction to this, Regardless of whether any specific fighter actually has, Many boxers and boxing enthusiasts have watched, KJ Noons, who is far from a world class boxer, went into, Last year, a 48-year-old Ray Mercer knocked out Tim Sylvia in an, Among the other criticisms from the boxing world  is that if any of the, There's a bit of truth to this one as well. It's clear that some boxers have moved from boxing to MMA simply because it was an easier thing for them to do.

UFC 1 was really a planned three-hour commercial of a contest stylistically stacked in favor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His professional MMA record stood at 2-2 when he made his UFC debut at the Ultimate Fighter Finale in 2005. I would be interested to see how a fighter like Manny Pacquiao would do in MMA if he made a serious attempt to reach the pinnacle of the sport in three or four years. Floyd Mayweather Jr. said that any top 10 boxer would knock out a MMA fighter in a MMA fight.

The rapid rise of MMA coinciding with the slow and steady decline of Toney's boxing marketability have finally reached a point where MMA makes financial sense for him. 3. • A career-spanning across 3 decades.

8. Today in MMA History: A boxing champ in tax trouble takes on an MMA star – sound familiar? If the UFC wants to keep Toney around, there are guys in the world who are willing to go in there and get knocked out, or in the case of Greg Nagy, get mauled around for 12 minutes by a superior athlete.

Regardless of whether any specific fighter actually has BJJ skills warranting a black belt, my point is that a great boxer could find success in MMA not by actually excelling in wrestling or BJJ. They just need to learn the basics to keep the fight standing long enough to land that knockout punch. View complete Tapology profile, bio, rankings, photos, news and record. Sunday Punch: James Toney puts Charles Williams’ lights out. On the other hand, even good boxers aren't guaranteed success in MMA, where there are so many other skills to learn. Even on his feet, the addition of clinches, kicks, and the threat of takedowns are going to make Toney's striking less-effective, so that while Toney might even be able to win a few fights, somebody will eventually capitalize on Toney's weaknesses. I still think that Toney …

So now, whenever fighters like Rashad Evans win, it's also a victory for Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

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