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No need to bring your own scuba gear as we will provide them for you. Thanks for publishing it. Diving is a business and the recreational diving industry is competitive. There are two air hoses on a regulator. Diving with a buddy, surrounded by brilliant marine life is the basic promise of what awaits you when you get certified. Otherwise, here’s a quick summary of the gear you’ll strap on when scuba diving. Look out for links about equipment, the marine environment, health considerations and practical suggestions to safely guide you into the majesty of the underwater world. It is the key to adventure around beautiful coral reefs, swimming among fish for periods generally up to an hour. Open water refers to underwater diving in an unconfined water environment. Most divers will tell you charming stories of their certification course, describing in glowing detail the collection of people they connected with. However, many people can’t help themselves, tempted by the allure of gadgets and gear. The SCUBA acronym stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Remember to rinse off the salt from your gear with fresh water after diving in the ocean. Minimum age for this course is 15 years plus certification as a NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent. Missing was the “…oldest diving agency…” in the US. Just with friendlier people. It’s quite intensive though, and will not leave much time for anything else during those 3 days. It is the second biggest agency by the number of certifications and NAUI affiliates can found everywhere. Others will label NAUI or SDI divers snobs. In the words of Jacques Cousteau, “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”. You can take your whole family scuba diving, but you’ve got to be realistic about these things. The answer is, absolutely–most of the time. Some trips will run up to more, but that’s often if there’s a long distance by boat or car to the dive spot. Two tanks of air, equipment, and passage on a shop’s boat may run anywhere between $25 at the absolute cheapest to $100. An American shop may offer a theory and pool portion package for $200. Often, these calamities involve more experienced divers rather than tragedies involving beginner divers randomly struck down. The great part about having your own computer is the accuracy of your dive it captures. With the advanced diving certification, sometimes called open water 2, night diving will reveal another universe within the ocean. You can learn the same PADI or SSI course in Thailand, Honduras or Bali for around $300. The scene changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge. The secondary can be used by a buddy should the need arise. Search & Recovery, BEGINNER DIVE COURSES We’ve curated some advice about getting insurance for scuba diving for you to read. Deep Dive You practice these on three night dives, plus introduce yourself to the whole new cast of critters that comes out after the sun goes down. is an online Scuba Diving, Water Sport and Outdoor Guide where you can read articles, reviews and guides. If you’re nervous or anxious about starting scuba diving certification, this is the best way to find out if it isn’t something for you. Your email address will not be published. Children from 10 years-old can get a junior scuba diving certification. In this article you say that NAUI is the oldest diving agency formed in 1959. They too teach an Open Water certification provided by instructors all over the world with the ethos of training recreational divers through the lens of technical diving. So plan accordingly. Talk to your instructor. Next level certification will teach you to locate and help divers in distress. Remember your training so you can safely enjoy the dive. A junior scuba certification card allows the holder to dive to 40 feet as long as they are accompanied by a certified parent/guardian or a PADI professional (Divemaster/Instructor). Seal Team The entry-level NAUI course called Scuba Diver differs from other schools in that a skin dive is part of the training and basic diver rescue is introduced. The course helps you build confidence in navigation, fine-tune buoyancy skills and introduces you to different diving activities such as wreck diving, night diving or underwater imaging.

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