2020 presidential election predictions

I went back and watched Robert Mueller’s testimony on his failed report, and even read the turgid tome itself. Of course, elections are decided by more things than rhetorical moments in speeches. Even in November 2016 it stunned the world of the political elites and the commentariat. What do I predict in 2020? He will rile China and accuse it of currency manipulation, but will this provoke the final crisis for the USA dollar as the reserve currency? He will bring to white heat a burning political system. electoral college. It will take 270 electoral votes to win the 2020 presidential election. I have reported on this journey of discovery in posts here, such as The Impeachment of the Republic, and also on some of my reaction to the horror show, such as Is America reliving the 1917 revolution – an American People’s Tragedy?. winning. They feel left out, and let down, and they want desperately to fix things and fix things fast, as Trump echoed back to them. Will the now open struggle with China, not least over America’s masked humiliation by a virus, vindicate that unconventional strategist over Joe Biden, who, according to Bob Gates, Barack Obama’s first Defence Secretary, has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over 47 years? Reflections on the current unrest, A very modern Charge of the Light Brigade. Therefore, I do not necessarily endorse the products and/or services shown. The other is the chance that any single voter in a state will cast the decisive ballot that … I perceived these emotions as overcoming the doubts voters had about Trump’s character and ideas, and saw that Trump’s claim to be the voice of the people, the archetypal populist, would displace the tarnished authority of the corrupt imperial elite who had brought endless wars and betrayed American greatness. (Number updated daily). However, we can only give you our prediction of the state of the race right now. Trump turned Biden’s words on him: “Because we understand that America is not a land cloaked in darkness. I had always felt reserve about the Russian collusion story but never really followed it; but by picking with my curiosity at these false accusations, I began to learn the dimensions of the field of American politics. My judgement after watching the acceptance speeches of Biden and Trump is that these forces will drive a Trump victory. getting 270 The failure of institutions in the pandemic crisis, What on earth is going on? Create a specific match-up by clicking the party and/or names near the electoral vote counter. Please click here to contribute to EP's GoFundMe campaign. Yet let me strike out and make at least one prediction. LATEST RATING CHANGES (click race for details). The riots will alienate suburban voters. If the longing for America to win again won the White House in 2016, will it secure an unconventional strategist there in 2020? If desire for safety mattered in 2016, will it predominate amidst months of rioting, looting, arson, political paramilitaries and anarchistic murder? I hear over the radio as I write this post that one newspaper said he “conjured up chaos and promised overnight solutions.” He will get things done, but the world will respond. Introducing our 2020 election forecast, including ratings of every presidential battleground state, Senate race and House contest. Public opinion shows that many Americans think the winner of the 2020 election should appoint the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement, and polling collected by The Economist shows that Barrett is the most unpopular nominee in recent history. I discovered podcasts and youtube channels, and new forms of news and commentary. This was demonstrated theatrically in the 2020 State of the Union address, where Trump celebrated the successes of poor black and Hispanic Americans while his Democrat opponents sat sourly in silent resistance and tore petulantly the pages of the speech. But these moments can express a decisive intuited truth. So, without going through all the points, Trump has had mixed success, if compromised over the last year by the phony impeachment, induced insurrection and coronavirus pandemic. They sense the sneers and the contempt of the educated elite for the ordinary people left behind by the financial, media and political elites”. Compared to 2016, I know more about American politics, and have followed its perturbations over the last year more closely than at any other time in my life. chart below shows which states are the closest, and which ones will decide the election. I wrote: “The emotional torrents channelled by Trump are powerful. He will fail.”. ( Log Out /  2020 Elections. Although it is a conventional idea to denounce Trump as an ignorant and irresponsible demagogue … the sentiments he stirs are powerful and authentic. The burning archive is my symbol for our cultural condition, and my own experiment with a new literary form. The travesty of the Democratic party presenting a candidate too far past his prime, who has too many questions about his character and the corruption of family Biden, will dismay independent voters. What are other forecasts The bars below represent each state, with the width determined by the electoral votes for Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. electoral votes. Biden claimed America is in a season of darkness, which may be true, but then claims, with absurd pomposity, that he is an ally of the light. ( Log Out /  Is America reliving the 1917 revolution – an American People’s Tragedy. The race for the Presidency is all about one thing, that Key states. Track the 2020 Presidential Election here. Thank you! Is America reliving the 1917 revolution – an American People’s Tragedy? © Copyright 2003-2020:  Scott Elliott, All Rights Reserved. Change ), Follow The Burning Archive on WordPress.com, Obsession and Trump’s derangement of the elites, My prediction of the 2020 USA Presidential election. ( Log Out /  He will empower law and order, and provoke more violence, more rage, more desperation. instance, the chart below shows the zigs and zags of the race for the White House up until today. Second, Trump will not be able to do what he has promised.”. Four years ago, in the wake of the American party Conventions, I predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 American Presidential election. And the elites and opponents of the swamp that Trump sought to drain resisted their banishment with all their illegitimate might. Enough Black voters will despise the chains of condescension imposed by the DNC elite. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This has been a journey of discovery for me, and something of a horror show. I struck upon an intuited truth. Biden’s polls are already failing, if they can even be relied upon. . Help me bring that number down to zero. We’ve made it, everyone: these are the 2020 United States presidential election predictions. state, and the height the projected margin. The same powerful and authentic sentiments are surging through the storms of insurrectionary violence and elite dalliance with a colour revolution in America.

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